Hi all,

My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with alopecia areata in June of last year. Since the she has experienced total hair loss. Lashes, brows, nose hairs, it all went in a matter of 2 months.

She has been taking supplements, a homeopathic remedy, and has given up dairy because she appeared to be sensitive to it. She is now regrowing lashes, brows and head hair. It's very patchy in that it seems to regrowing in the order it fell out. What seems strange to me is the color. Her hair used to be a very light brown but it's growing in jet black. It's pretty cool actually!

I just wanted to share with the group where we are seeing positive results with a natural approach. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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Hi Bethany ann

Thats great news . Can you tell me what supplements she started  to take and how long she has been taking them for? 


She's been taking them for them for 6 months.

Omega 3, Vitamin D, Probiocs, and a multi vitamin. We use an Omega 3 capsule that includes vitamin D. I will try to upload photos of the exact products she's using. The naturapath suggested these specifically because apparently all supplements are not created equally.

Everyday she takes 2 probiotics, 2 Omega 3 capsules, and 1 multivitamin.

Thank you that would be great if you could upload photos

Omega 3 with vitamin D

I can't seem to upload successfully so will type out the details of each supplement tomorrow :)

Ok thank you 


Have you thought that her hair growth may be due to puberty and some hormonal changes? Did do you any tests to check her hormones level? Thanks

No we haven't tested anything since the regrowth started.

Hey! That’s is awesome! Sounds very similar to my story. Also extremely close to the supplements I take. I suggest you take a read of this book.The Plant Paradox - Dr.Gundry. Here is my story of dealing with alopecia  


Best of luck and keep me posted on the success. Thanks!!  

Thank you. I'll take a look :) congratulations on your progress!

Thanks! I will be updating my thread as I progress! Best of luck on your situation as well! 

The supplements she takes:

NutraSea brand: Omega-3 + Vitamin D (1250 mg, +1000 IU vit D per 2 gels) She takes 2 a day

Jamieson brand: 10 Billion active cells. She takes 2 a day

Jamieson brand: Multivitamin for kids. She takes 1 a day.

I should also mention that she washes her head/new Tufts with baby shampoo because we're trying the gentle approach. :)

I hope this helps!



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