8 year old daughter to have tonsils & adenoids removed next week. Just started to regrow hair all over head in May. Anyone with recurrent patches post surgery? This was just brought to my attention to be a possibility due to the stressors on the body related to the surgical procedure.

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My daughter's alopecia began just a couple of months after she had her tonsils removed. I have always thought that was the trigger but the doctors just smiled and nodded when I suggested that.
I had a minor surgery just prior to my first bout of extensive AA that never went away.
How old was she & how old now? Alopecia status?
My daughter was 4, she lost every bit of hair on her body. She is 23 now and has hair on most of her head. It has never grown back on the lower part of her scalp in the back and she still gets patches that fall out. She has some eyelashes and eyebrows but not much. When she was a senior in high school it all fell out again.
She has never let it slow her down. She has even written a children's book about having Alopecia.
Wow...how inspirational!
You know my son had an abscess on his liver and was hospitalized for about a week and was on very strong antibiotics because the Dr.'s didn't know what type of infection they were dealing with...Of course Cancer ran thru our minds but thanks to god it was a bacterial infection curable.....Well my point was that when he was on all those strong antibiotics we started noticing his head was full of peach fuzz and his eyebrows started growing in....but after he was all done with his medicines and like a few weeks after being done it all fell out again....so yeah that was very frustrating but I do wish you luck.....
Thanks for responses. Surgery tomorrow.
Surgery went well & jillian is recovering as to be expected. We'll see if hairloss redevlops post op.
Good luck. I am glad the surgery went well.



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