Hi, I'm 18, I have AA, and after four years of wearing a wig, I'm finally going without. Bald pride! Anyways, as I want to maintain a totally smooth, bald head, I must shave pretty darn often (almost every day). I've only been doing this for less than a week, but I'm worried that constantly shaving my head will give me irritated or dry skin. I bought some moisturizer from Lush to use after I shave, but I'm not sure what else I could do. Do any of you frequent head shavers use any products or have any special methods for keeping your bald head happy? Tell us about your process!

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I use a disposable Gillette razor that says it is your sensitive skin. It's the only one that doesn't feel like it is scraping my skin off. I keep meaning to try the head blades, they look kind of interesting...I have started to use just a regular kind of shaving cream for sensitive skin, but before that used Dermalogica's line of shaving products, which I liked. I have very dry skin and scalp and while shaving does help exfoliate, I also use Jojoba or Argon oil on my head. Jojoba is supposed to be close to the oils your scalp would naturally produce. If I let my patches grow even a little, my scalp is a dry, flaky mess :-( I'm interested in reading what others do. I never go out without a headcovering so can't suggest sunscreens but I think the sport ones should run less with sweat? I've been shaving now for well over a year. Makes wig wearing more comfortable. Contemplate letting it grow in again to see what I can grow but it's a long, itchy somewhat depressing process.
Since my daughter has started patch regrowth she likes to keep her head looking smoother so we shave her head about every 3 days. We have found men's sensitive shaving cream and also the their blades with flex heads follow her head better. Aveno baby lotion works well for her sensitive head. Baby products in general are safer and better for the eyes. Also Clinique (spelling) has beautiful products made for summer that she uses year round that is sweat proof. Best of luck and continue to post.

I recall seeing an article in the news a few months ago shaving actually helps to keep the skin looking healthy and young. I didn't save the original article, but here are a couple of related links.




I get a few stray hairs on my head, so occasionally I lather up my scalp at the same time I shave my face. I think the exfoliation does help.

I went through exactly the same thing last year when I started shaving for the most part daily, I tried a lot of diff products. After a few months of having an irritated head to the point where I had large huge bumps I decided to start looking up reviews on shaving kits. I ended up going to the art of shaving store which specializes in shaving products. Although the majority of their products are scented a little bit masculine they have a lavender smell or unscented. After week one of using their product my head was no longer irritated and I could shave against the grain with no irritation. I hope this helps. If their products are too pricy I recommend going to royalshave.com similar products for a better price.

How awesome! Bald and Proud!!! I shave every day and I just recently started with Dollar Shave Club... your choice of three models for three monthly "memberships" (cancel and upgrade at any time). It's impossible to find good blades at this price, delivered to you in awesome packaging. 

I have used so many types and brands of shaving creams, but I now just go with the CVS gel brand.

Then, I just use a nice skin lotion after shaving. Some people I know shave in the shower, but I shave before my shower. Just shave and then feel the back of my head to feel where I need to shave. It's such a powerful feeling. 

I hope my experience helps. Again, so cool to see the Bald Pride!

Thank YOU!

Hi there,

I have extremely, I mean, extremely sensitive skin and I too had a lot of questions when I first started wearing my freedom wig.  When you wear them, you have to be completely shaven so I do this too every day.

I use Aveeno shaving cream along with disposable razors.  You can get Aveeno at Target or Walmart or any local drugstore.  It's good for sensitive skin.  Whenever I have any flare ups or burns, I use aquaphor at night and it helps a lot.

Hope that helps!

Hi i have had AA for seven and half years, i decided also not to wear a wig, so i shave, a good thing to put on your head for dryness is pure olive oil you do not need alot. But is works great to keep scalp skin pretty.

Hope this helps

I have been shaving since April. I find that shaving with a blade every morning is too much work and I always wind up nicking myself so I bought a men's electric razor designed for facial hair. It works great, the shave is as close as with a free blade and there is no chance of cutting, plus it's not at all messy and goes really fast. Because the blade isn't scraping across the skin there is very little irritation and no drying out. After shaving I just rinse and dry my head and apply the same light moisturizer with SPF that I use on my face. With this I have never had any trouble with irritation. The electric razor I got cost about $60 and the blade head it came with that I have been using daily since April is still as sharp as the day I bought it. FYI you do have to clean out the blades between each use, which only takes about ten seconds. I highly recommend giving electric razors a try!

Which razor do you use? I tried one a year ago recommended by a barber and hated it. It takes too long and I did not feel the shave was that close. I can shave my head with a blade (Gillette or Schick) in five minutes with no nicks and the shave is smooth. I purchased the electric razor primarily for travel. Thanks.

When I shave It's In the shower with just the cheap hand and body cream, I really dont have to shave that often,but over the years, I have learned of an after shave call "No Bumps" works good for me, and the wife told me one day some years ago to use a scrub, and again nothing pricey, I think It Is made of peach pits, It smells good and I pray It's peach pits and not dirt from a scrap yard, that to keeps the "shave bump's " away, Note: I do recall the evening I used scrub the head seemed extra soft, and there seemed to be a few more kisses to the head than normal, could have been all the drink's, but I think It was the scrub, good luck buddy !!!!!!!!

I like to use an electric razor on my face and head. No nicks ever and I find it's a really close shave. Afterwards I use Neutrogena SPF 15 on my head, face, neck, and chest. Don't forget the back of your ears and back of your neck!

In addition to Headblade, I also use the Skull Shaver.  I get it from Amazon.  It works great. 




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