I kinda feel very annoyed at this point I feel like dermatologist always resolve to corticosteroids shots and minoxidil to treat alopecia, I kinda panicked my first time and went to a dermatologist and didn't really vary out my options, and got the shots, the side effects are a joke and cause more stress, and minoxidil makes your hair itchy, I got my second injection in the same spot that hasn't really improved and the following day already got a new patch after the one month, I told her my side effects and basically told me they are not related to the steroid shots which is hard for me to believe because most success stories were all healed with food. Any advice?

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If you really believe food can heal alopecia, why do you think we are all here? ;)

Sounds like your case is the simple one patch alopecia which now you have two, is that correct?

How big are they and how long did you have them for?

Mine is a type recurrent arata or alopecia ohiasis you can see my photos in my profile.

These types are hard to almost impossible to heal no matter what injections or treatment you take.

No, no food or aroma therapy or homeopathy or snake oil can heal! 

To confirm you can always follow up the "after stories":

OK so you said your xxx (insert disease) was healed by XXX (method they believed it healed it) XXX months / years ago, is it still working?

Mostly, it only worked or they thought it worked at the time but the healing or their belief of being healed is  not a long lasting one unfortunately... 

From the sound of it, your "side effect" is not caused by steroid either - yup, I went down that road many times too. 

Everyone's different, hope yours is not the one that progresses. But the fact you have two now, keep watching.





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