I hope someone can shed some light on this one.
I had 3 injections in my back 3 weeks ago. The injections were due to a neck and shoulder injury whip lash in a car accident.
I was put under anesthetic and woke up 1 hour later after the 3 injections were administered in my shoulder close to my spine. I suffered flu like symptoms for 48 hours following the procedure.
I have been smooth bald on my scalp for 2 years now and zero beard growth and body hair however 3 weeks later I've a full beard of small yet visible white hair and my scalp is showing signs of very protuce white hair which is sticking out straight about one sixth of an inch. I have not changed anything in my life over the last 3 weeks other than cut out spicy food.
Can anyone xplain how these injections could have altered my immune system to allow regrowth. . ..?

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I used to get those injections to retain my hair.  This is something dermatologists use to keep your immune system from attacking your hair follicles; however, when I finally stopped I had a serious headache and all my hair left.   It may last longer for you, which is hopeful thinking, but if it doesn't now you know why.

cortisone is know to be anti inflammatory
Not sure. But I had a total knee replacement last year and my out-of-control Granuloma (another auto immune disease) went into complete remission within about 3-4 weeks. Had 5 months before AU reared its ugly head.

I just figured it must be something with getting anesthesia. And, trying to avoid another surgery to test the theory.
I wouldn't mind getting more surgery if it meant my hair would continue to regrow.
It's very slow but scalp hair is getting longer now and beard is fully regrowth albeit VERY fine white hair.

I had same result, after decades my beard, eyelashes and eyebrows came back after epidural steroids to my neck for a neck injury...expect 6 months later I just have my eyebrows left at about 60%...what about now for you?

The answer to your question: steroids like cortisone are immune system surpressors...as we know alopecia is an auto immune disease...when you suppress the immune system which think hair growth is an invader...you get growth again...same science as the new JAK drugs like Xeljanz

Yeah. It has been just over a month now since I had the steroids done. My hairloss still appears to have halted and beard and scalp hair is growing HOWEVER it could not be described as terminal hair and not really visible unless light is shun directly on the hair. It looks like a 12 year old boys 1st beard , totally white. Problem is I have 50% normal beard growth prior to the steroids shots so I have 2 tone thing going on. Hopefully it will continue growing over time. 



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