I have been AU for two years now. In this time i noticed a few lashes and a few brows, but nothing stayed on :) In may I got sick and went to hospital. At first the doctors toughed that I had Crohn's disease, and than that I was gluten intolerant. But the results came back negative, and at the end the diagnose was pancreatitis. They sent me on a strict diet- no wheat, milk, sugar, no grease, fried food... I had the diet for a month but then I stopped because I was OK. But now my hair started growing again, on head and body. Not all, maybe 20% of it. I do not know if the diet is connected but it seems so.

Firstly, I'm asking all of you that have AU- did you experience any regrowth? What was the outcome? Did anyone grew back a full head of hair?
Secondly- does anyone have the same experience - regrowth because of not eating some foods?

Thank you,


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Hi Stella

My daughter has had alopecia universalis, totalis and areata through the last 10 years. Her hair comes and goes fairly regularly. She has also been very ill recently and was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. From what I understand about immune diseases they do tend to come and go of their own accord...but in reality there must be a reason, the difficult thing is nobody really knows what that is at this time. Research is moving along with many auto immune conditions especially the ones that cause pain Crohns, Rhuematoid arthritis etc. I believe from this research alopecia may also find an answer...we just don't know when. There is really nothing definitive at the moment.

Possibly diet could be a major exacerbator of immune conditions, but there will also be a genetic disposition as well.

Hope your hair keeps keeping on.



thank you. The doctors toughed I have Crohn's Disease too. When in hospital, I met a lot of Crohn's Disease patients, who have multiple immune diseases. I hope your doughtier is ok.

My hair is still growing!!! I now have about 65 % of my hair back in just 3 months. I still can not believe it, since I was totally bald all over my body for 2 years... Lets hope my hair sticks around:)

I hope your hair sticks around as well! :-)

I was wondering if you are still on that strict diet? I was on a strict diet for a few weeks earlier in the Spring for my alopecia areata, but I didn't see much of a difference either because I didn't stay on it long enough, or who knows why.

I have some regrowth now, it is quite slow though, but much better than nothing in my opinion.

Best wishes and hope everything continues well for you.

No, I'm not on that diet anymore. I'm still careful what I eat, I drink a lot of fresh juices, stay away from white flour,Nothing fried, greasy, I stay away from milk, eggs and alcohol. When I was in hospital, I didn't eat for 4 days and then they put me on a really strict diet- only cooked vegetables basically, for a month. I had a little spot of hair for a month in june-first regrowth in 2 yrs, but then in three weeks it started really growing. I hope it continues well for you too:)

what did you do differently to cause the regrowth?

I got sick- pancreatitis, so doctors put me on a really strict diet. That was it. The diet should not include alcohol or high-fat foods. I avoided baked goods and desserts with added fat, Fatty meats, Fried foods, Nuts and seeds, Whole milk and cream, Snacks and crackers that are made with added fat...

you avoided seeds and nuts too? I need to do that!

Yes, that too.



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