Good morning to you all. I need feedback on how people struggle to get their wigs repaired. For a long time I have believed that we are faced without many sources to make this happen. To me being able to find a good ventilator, person to size a wig if it is too big, adding wefts when hair breaks off or that terrible moment when you realize your bangs were cut to short. I would like to hear back from as many of you as possible because I think we need to put our heads together to find that source. As we all know many of the wigs are manufactured in China and sending them back there or to other countries can be dicey at best. Not only dicey, but the time it takes for them to come back. Part of owning a human hair wigs is the care it takes to keep it in service. With good repair work we might be able to extend it life and with that comes savings of dollars. Looking forward to feed back. 

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Alo-mom where are you located?  In Seattle there is Collier Design Salon and Hair Replacement.  They retrofit wigs and I imagine repair them as well.  I'm sure you have Googled wig repair in your area?  Sorry, beyond that I can't think of anything at the moment.  Haven't signed in for quite awhile.

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My hairstylist taught me how to care for and maintain my wigs.  If I have any issues I just go to her.  Is there a hairstylist in your area that you could maybe reach out to?  Or maybe a cosmetologist school or instructor?  A reputable place that sells wigs should be able to assist also.  I hope you find what you need.

Hi! Are you replying to me? I'm sorry I haven't been on this site nearly often enough as this pandemic thing has caught my attention and energy.  I do have a specialist in Seattle that might be of assistance.  Thank you and stay well!  Ha! The new closing, right?  Bon



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