I'm curious in knowing if there has ever been research performed on an individual with alopecia areata who isn't using anything in the attempt to grow their hair. Like, has anybody ever tracked someone's natural path in this disease? I know absolutely nothing about science or the human body but I think it might be interesting to see the levels of "blah" and "blah" while someone loses their hair, what's going on in the body during the time their hair was gone, and why now has it begun to grow again. Don't you think that maybe this would be a better way of finding a cure instead of continually adding "treatments" that may or may not work for different people? Then I also wonder if what's going on inside me is the same as what's going on inside you. Is there a connection?

Totally a rant but hopefully it makes sense and I would really like to know if this type of research has ever been performed.

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I would love to know that too, as I am not getting treatment.

I was offered shots but they said it wouldn't regrow whats gone due to scarring, and that if I got in faster they could do it. The spot they were speaking of was 2 days old! I can't live like that, waking up with hair on my pillow, rush to the doctor and wonder if its already too late.

Sadly they would have to have a large case study, because there are so many types of Alopecia and so many different causes.

I also donot receive active treatment. Well not medically. I refuse to take steroids or use steroid based creams. I have had hair loss for 7-8 years. I would love to know why some peoples hair grows back, and others doesnt.
I think researchers should investigate other things like hormones, immune markers, even food intolerances or reactions...instead of bringing out new immuno suppressants.



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