Has anyone tried Rogaine or similar products for facial hair loss, specifically eyebrows or a patchy beard? 

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rogaine won't awaken the hair follicle, it just helps it grow hair faster if it is active. 

to suppress the immune system you need a topical steroid or one of the new jak inhibitors. a doctor can also perform kenalog injections 


Ooohh okay that makes sense :/ 

Was worth a shot. What's a new jak inhibitors? And are these " kenalog injections" a guarantee way to get my eyebrow back? 

"guarantee"? you must be new here :) 

nothing is guaranteed, some people don't respond to anything. some people have spontaneous remission. 

Jak Inhibitor is a new class of drug that has been successfully treating alopecia. Xeljanz, and Jakafi are trade names for a couple 



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