Curious, how many Alopecians also have problems with their scalp. My head often gets scaley, sores, or dandruff like places, dry skin patches, bumpy...not sure now to describe them..all I know is, they are driving me crazy, and all I wanna do is pick the dandruff like scales out of my hair...and I end up pulling even more hair out. Please tell me if you have had any problems with this, and/or any luck treating this. My head is so sore, and I hate brushing or even washing it, because it hurts! My head often bleeds when I pick at these places, and I need to keep my hands off, but no luck so far :(

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My scalp was like that for years. Prior to moving to TX, I was controlling it with Nizoral (ketoconazole anti-fungal) shampoo, first the Rx strength, then the OTC strength for maintenance. Unfortunately, it's effectiveness seemed to wane over time. In hindsight, after getting the biopsy results in June, my belief is that I was experiencing the start of the lichen planopilaris that was the precursor to the cicatricial alopecia.

I haven't experienced these symptoms in a while though. Can't pinpoint what stopped it since I made several changes at once. Any alopecia-related burning/itching that pops up now, I just use the Olux-E foam on it for a couple days.

What is your doctor telling you? I was routinely told it was just dandruff or dry scalp even though "surprisingly", no anti-dandruff products did a thing to control it. Have you changed anything recently? (shampoo, conditioner, fabric softener) How's the water in your area? I can tell something has happened in my district because our water all of a sudden reeks of chlorine. Unfortunately, by then I'm already itching.

And oh yeah, DON'T PICK! Sit on your hands.
Thanks Angie! It's frustrating, and I am not very good at sitting on my I haven't been back to the doctor, since I decided not to pursue treatments, and since I got so irritated with the lack of concern his office staff had...unwilling to work with me on trying to appeal to the insurance company for coverage, and unwilling to get him a message to call me back. My regular dermatologist retired this past summer, just before I was diagnosed, and so I have just really been frustrated with going back there since I can't even get a return phone call. Where can I buy this shampoo? Nizoral....I would like to try something, anything to help! Yep, its seems alot like dandruff, but I know its not. Just washing my hair has become such an unpleasantry recently. We have hard water at our house, to answer your question on that. I have also noticed that my hair has gotten to where it is gets very oily, very quickly. Thanks again for your help! Love n hugs to ya!
Angie's right - STOP PICKING!! That's your fella's job, to rub and stroke your head..... find something else to do with your fingers (and if you can't think of anything, you're not the gal I thought you were... Ahem.) ;)
Ah Ha Norm! LOL
I really think you need to go back to some dermatologist. It sounds like eczema on your scalp. I am not sure that is possible but hopefully there is some relief out there. I am sorry you are going through this.
Remember, people watch you out of the corner of their always act like you have the most proud, normal head and the most UNnervous habits. Go look up trich.... (I can't spell it) for hints. See Cheryn on this site...I think she wrote a book about it.
Hi Tallgirl, Trichomoniasis is the urge to pull one's hair not sure that is the problem..I think it may just be to relieve the itch..!!
I actually have the same problem and I accidently pull out hair while itching my red pimples on my head!! Happy New Year!!
Sorry Trichotillomania!! I was writing previously about the Trichomoniasis cause I was not sure which one you were talking about..Trichomoniasis is a parasite which causes vaginal itch, pain, and odor lol..Don't think that is the issue here lol..
LOL Trish! Oh my..not at all...thank the Lord! itches, and I try to get this 'dandruff looking' stuff out of my hair. Def. don't want to pull out what little I have left.
I have psoriasis and a very painful burning scalp. I do hope you get some relief. I know this makes me crazy.
I dealt with a milder case of this before alopecia onset. There is a solution they sell OTC called P&S liquid that can help get the scales off. You leave it in your hair for about a half hour and then shower (once a day for a week or so). Once the scales are gone you can treat the inflamation and the underlying cause (yeast according to the dermatologist I saw). He prescribed a topical (foam) steroid, Rx stength Nizoral shampoo... and told me to alternate between the prescription shampoo and neutrogina t-gel. After a couple weeks, he told me to discontinue the steroid, and told me to just keep using t-gel once the Rx shampoo ran out. That was a couple years ago, and the scalp has been pretty good since.

I would go see a dermatologist so that you can get some relief. I tried plenty of shampoos before, but nothing worked well until I went to the Dr. and was able to treat agressively. Once I got the right stuff though, it was a pretty quick turnaround. Hang in there... I know it's not fun.



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