I am convinced that alopecia is a nutritional issue.  I have avoided posting to the discussion until now because I was so discouraged with the loss of hair that my child was experiencing and the lack of hope and a cure from doctors and those who have suffered from this condition.  I started reading every piece of information that I could find that might offer a solution to this problem for my teenage daughter who developed this condition in the fourth grade.  She is now in the eight grade.  I started her on a regimen of vitamins to include a multivitamin and colostrum that I ordered from synertek.  I also use the colostrum shampoo from the same company and l-glutamine.  I saturate her hair with the shampoo which contains several essential oils along with the colostrum.  I cover her hair with a plastic bag and let her keep it on for at least two hours each day.  I have also changed her diet to include organic vegetables and meat with minimal breads, potatoes, and sweets.  These are only allowed for special occasions.  I cook the vegetables in coconut oil.  My child had progressed to total loss of hair on the scalp.  I am happy to report that this regimen along with prayer has resulted in hair regrowth with only three small patches of hair loss.  This includes hair growth around the edges and bony parts of her head where we were told that the hair would probably never regrow by the dermatologists.  I just could not bear subjecting her to the steroid injections that did not work.  We have also eliminated fast food consumption.  Her hair is short but we are hopeful that the length will increase with a little more time.

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I do agree - I think a lot of hair loss can be attributed to your diet. Particularly if it is really bad (fast food, processed foods etc). I know that foods that are high in protein, fatty acids, omega 3 and iron are really good and nutritional for your hair. I try to eat lots of salmon, avocado and sweet potato (luckily three of my favourite foods!) to help 'feed' my hair and keep it healthy.

I would say that its also down to your lifestyle habits too. Lack of exercise, stress, poor mental health and the way you actually treat your hair all have a big effect on hair loss. 

Obviously, there is a lot of cases that are not affected by these external factors, but it's definitely worth considering.

I have lost the majority of my hair now. I have Alopecia Totalis. It began with Areata 4 years ago. Due to conventional medicine failing me I’ve sought alternative medicine from a functional doctor. 

The real issue for all Alopecia sufferers is a combination of the following

GenetIcs, a person has the genes which can be activated or expressed during lifetime

Environmental trigger such as stress, virus, infection , poor diet, unhealthy eating, heavy metals etc. The list is endless and unique to everyone which determines the severity of autoimmune symptoms 

Digestion issues in the form of leaky gut syndrome or increased intestinal permeability. Other gut issues can be Candida, SBO and IBS which are all related to leaky gut.

So once you have cured your leaky gut and healed your body it may be possible to reverse the disease. 

This means making alternative choices in what you eat and drink and using supplements to repair the gut lining. This will take a few months to 6 months but the body has the ability to heal itself.

Did you know that the gut has its own immune system and where the majority of your immune cells are.

Google this on the web and you will find lots of ways to heal your gut and cure autoimmune disease.

The natural  way is always the best way to curing disease.

Anyone want help,feel free to reach out to me and will help you as much as possible



UK citizen

I have tried to restrict my diet based on lots of different tests (metabolic profiles etc) for 3 years. It seemed to be going somewhere in the beginning and then it threw me in the worse AA episode ever. 

Nutrition could help but alopecia is a disease. 

Jak Inhibitors is the latest most promising medicine that treats the symptom of AA. Making a hypothesis that you can treat the root cause by changing your diet, has proven dangerous for me. Please think twice of diets.

Mastros, so what foods did you eliminate from their diet? Maybe you didn’t remove enough or the wrong foods? Diet is so important when it comes to treating every disease believe me. If you weren’t removing the right foods and not having enough nutrients then this would aggravate your symptoms.

The immune system is linked to both your gut and the brain. By correcting the gut, will improve digestion so no issues with passing stools etc and therefore a healthy immune system. One which doesn’t attack your body tissues or organs as in autoimmune diseases. 

Alopecia can be cure naturally through better dietary choices and therefore a reverse of negative symptoms such as tiredness, hair loss, skin issues, brain fog, digestion issues etc.

I am no doctor but have done a lot of research into this. I just wish conventional doctors knew how to treat this disease correctly instead of prescribing drugs which actually worsens the problem or provides temporary relief. 

Hope that helps.



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