i am almost 15, and in year 9. most of the hair on my head is gone and its REALLY thin. i have just ordered a wig, but i don't want people to notice that i ware one. i don't want to feel different! :(

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its a very personal choice.

from a young age i have been wearing hair pieces to cover up my smaller spots of AA and the times that i had thinning hair. When i finally went completely bald with my AU, i was devistated and it took all i had to even leave the house. It wasnt until my mother suggested getting a wig and i went and got my first one from a shop here that specializes in women's hair loss - very nice woman. I left that shop with new hair and a beautiful new attitude.

do what is best for you. if wearing a wig will make you feel more comfortable - then do so. there are lots of wigs out there that look just as natural as your normal hair.

remember no matter what, wig or no wig, you are a beautiful person and strong as well to be able to cope with this at such a young age. you are ahead of the game!

i suggest wearing it for a little bit and see how you feel, with and without it and decide.
thankyou :) i ended up getting one and it was the best choice <3
Feeling self-conscious is normal and part of the "getting use to" of wigs. Take what Aimee and Spaganya have said to heart. Your wig will probably come with "tabs" on the inside that should match up with your temples. Remember to keep the wig away from heat sources such as curling irons, ovens, stoves, barbecues and hot water. Clean with cold water and mild shampoo. Good luck - have fun with it.
i'm 16 and i wear one sometimes, wigs can be really uncomfortable though, so a lot of times i end up going bald. i lost my hair in the middle of my freshman year and i tried to hide it from everyone. i started wearing a wig to school and got the worst migranes. now i'm homeschooled and i'm a lot more comfortable being a bald teen. i go out in public a lot without it, but i've found over time ways to make the wigs more comfortable. you've had alopecia much longer than i have though, so you might already be comfortable, your friends probably already know, so i think you should do whatever you feel comfortable with that day. :) hope this helps! -lo.



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