I'm the college student :) I've been told time and time again how important it is to find mentors at this stage of life as I'm trying to get a career in tact and stuff. I thought it could be a good idea to find a woman who also has alopecia who has a good career and family that would be willing to mentor me? It might be a long shot asking on a forum online but I don't really know where else to find someone who faces similar challenges in life that I face.

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It would be great to find someone for mentoring, when i was a student i don't have one, so i was using blogs and articles i could  found on the internet. You can check out  writersonlineclasses, hope it's gonna be usefull for you!

Search for knowledge on the Internet isn't as safe as before. Although the total amount of resources for online learning is growing, the problem of personal data has become more urgent. I was lucky, our school teacher taught me the basics of network security. The first thing you need to do is to set a complex password on your home router. You can do this by following this instruction - http://www.router-reset.com So you can guarantee good protection for your home network. For public Wi-Fi points, install a VPN on your phone. Simple rules, right?

I don't think that it's absolutely necessary. When I've decided to become a student some people recommended me to do the same. But not always you should follow anyone's advices. For example some people have told me to study online, but I think that education certainly should not be online, because you not only get knowledge from living people, but also communicate and interact with your peers, make friends, etc. Anyway you have to live in society. Mbbs program that is dealing with education abroad (https://leader-education.com/kharkiv/) helped me to enter an excellent university and find new friends in a new country for me, and I am very glad that I got this opportunity! Of course it's rather difficult for the first time, but you shouldn't be worry, feel relaxed and it will be ok.

I hope you can find yourself a mentor. When I was a student, I myself was looking for everything through the Internet. It is difficult to find something, I hope you will succeed!

I think a mentor is a great idea, but I agree with others who posted, doing it on the internet is probably not the best place. Since you're in college you can find others (or see if this is already a group in your school) that would want to create a leadership group. There's probably something already like that / depending on your program i.e. I was an accounting student and we had an accounting group. I never thought I would care to have a mentor but during one of my internships I was paired with one, I thought it was the greatest experience of my "emerging into the workforce" piece of my life. You should really start at your school and see what resources you already have available, talk with your professors, your current adviser, find a new adviser if your current one isn't meeting your needs. What you're asking for is all stuff that you're already paying for, get your money out of that education! Looking outside of school, many businesses offer young leader programs where you would find advisement for your future. 

Finding a mentor in college is a good step for your carrier. It’s not easy to find a mentor is a college now a day. Everyone is busy with their new life and have very little time to give you face to face advice. Another thing you can do is that you can give a try for an online mentor, who will help and guide through different problems. Recently, I get some good academic related service from  https://anyassignment.com/humanities/, Here you can get an online tutor for a different subject. I hope you will be benefited from there. Thank you.!

I highly agree with this, There are many resources available for students like YouTube and other platforms but still, students feel the need for a mentor who can guide them perfectly. As an MBA assignment helper and a mentor, I love guiding students to achieve success in their careers.

Mentoring, a beacon of wisdom, guides college students. Experience meets ambition. In the academic journey, a mentor, someone wiser and older, aids in dissertation presentation help. Together, they pave the path to success.



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