hey everyone!

having alopecia for 10 years now, and with it being such a big part of my life, does anyone have any cool tattoo ideas? I know the alopecia areata foundation has a tree as their logo, but wasn’t sure I have missed any other ideas. I know they aren’t for everyone but I find tattoos let me tell my story as I have one with my twin as well. Thanks!!

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When I was reading through the Alopecia subreddit (not really active), I came across an older man who has alopecia, and he refers to himself as dolphin smooth, and myself a 21 year old male who recently got diagnosed with alopecia universialis, thought it was pretty cool. Might get a dolphin tattoo as i’ve been thinking of getting something on my body that’ll stay. I like to find symbols in things and take it from there. 

Hi. I have a flower tattoo on my back and I just love it. If you need some tattoos ideas you can try to google it or find some on Pinterest. Also, here at https://eduzaurus.com/college-essay-help I found an article about small tattoos ideas. Just take a look, maybe you will find something for you.

You can consult a tattoo master, I think he can definitely advise you cool ideas because he has a uniquely good imagination.

I have a tattoo of a bald and bold woman on my arm and I love it, lol. I love it and having alopecia made me understand how amazing I am. I will never regret a day living with this condition. If speaking about tattoo , just choose something meaningful for you, you don't even have to share it's meaning with anyone. Just make sure to get a good tattoo aftercare routine. You can read more about that on https://www.womaninthemoon.ca/ or just make sure to check with your tattoo master, since if not treated right you might get an infection.

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