Hey Sisters! We need to take a survey. A few of our sisters are feeling men are not attracted to bald women. I'm asking all bald women who have found love while sporting that breath taking, beautiful and bald head please be counted.

Brothers! If you met your woman while she was sporting that breathtaking, beautiful and bald head, please stand up and be counted.

Oh and PS, please let's remember there is a world outside of AW -- there are many who are not being counted.

So to my sisters and brothers; Heads Up! And let the truth be told.

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My boyfriend thinks I am adorable when I am bald! He tells me I look like a... get ready for it... "cute egg." hahahahaha
My husband and I started dating before all my hair fell out...I had a few small patches of hair loss. I warned him of the possibility that all my hair may leave me one day.. and to my surprise he did not care... He loves me for the person that I am in the inside not what I look like on the outside.
A year after we married all my hair fell out....and he has been my biggest support. He helped shave what was left of my hair and gave me the confidence to walk out in public bald and proud.
I asked him once if something were to happen to me would he find a girl with long beautiful hair.. Guess what he said..." I think I would have to ask her to shave her head bald"....lol.. he is such a dork but I love him ;)
I lost my hair a few years into my marriage and my husband loved my new hair style or rather anti-hair style. The marriage didn't work after my hair grew back several years later and since then I lost my hair again. And, besides being back into the dating world after being out of it for nearly ten years I was going in bald I was less than confidant. Much to my surprise I've had a hard time staying single for any length of time! Men don't really seem to mind a bald woman, there are a lot of good guys that will walk proudly with an attractive woman on their arm irregardless of the unconventional 'look' and while I front confidence most of the time they know it hurts and remind me that they find me attractive for all kinds of reasons and that having or not having hair not that important.
To the sisters who feel men are not attracted to bald women.this is completely untrue,i am amongst 1000's of men who find them gorgeous.Those blokes who don't and mock should have their head shaved!!!
Love to all
Before I was dating my now husband, I met him in the pub for a drink, worked up the courage and told him that all my hair had fallen out. Unlike my other friends who were full of sympathy, he fell about laughing! We've since married (despite his insensitivity!) and it was good to know that it didn't bother him in the least! He now affectionately calls me his baldylocks.
lol my hubby calls me that too!

awww! a guy with a sense of humor is PRICELESS!!!!

I was married when my hair fell out. My (then) husband was very supportive. Unfortunately the marriage didn't work out but it had nothing to do with hair. I dated several men after that and eventually met my current boyfriend. He doesn't know me with hair and doesn't care. Recently my hair started to grow again and he actually said to me: I don't know about this hair. I'd rather have you bald! LOL. My opinion is that if a relationship is based on whether you have hair or not, it is not worth staying in. In my experience a lot of men don't care. They even think it's sexy and intimate.
When my husband and I met, he said to me "You realize that I am losing my hair and that's not going to get any better over time." I replied "Shave it off! I think bald men are sexy!" :) I went in to full blown AU 6 years into our marriage. He was very supportive. I asked him if it bothered him that I was going bald. He said he doesn't even notice that I am bald. What an awesome guy.

A friend of his joked about how thin my husabnd's hair was getting. I took off my hat and said with a smile on my face "Don't pick on him! He has the hair in the family!!" LOL! I personaly think he likes it that way:)

Other men are very attacted to my "Smooth" head too!! :) I call them "Bald Curious!" LOL :) Lets be honest, beside the beautiful profile of a smooth head, there is something very attractive about a woman not bound to all of the beauty rituals associated with hair. Not having hair has made me free! :) I am ready at a moments notice. I walk in the rain and swim without a care :) I don't wear wigs (they are not for me). I am comfortable in my own skin and look people in the eye with a smile on my face. :) Confidence is very sexy!! So Shine on Sisters!!! You have power you don't even realize you have! :)
Thank you guys for your wonderful inspiriting stories, we need to hear them. Some don't know how beautiful they are and some of us need to be reminded from time to time. Keep those stories coming!

Yes Marianne" Confidence is very sexy"
I wish I had the confidence to go out without a wig. I usually stick to my wig or headscarves. I've only shown a limited people (excluding the AW family) my bald head. I feel comfortable bald I just can't go out in public.... as of yet.
Carissa, everybody dance at a different beat. I cut my hair off, I wear it cut close, but it's not completly hairless. who knows that might be another dance for me. One thing at a time. It's okay sister, it have to be on your time and if that never happens that's fine too.



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