Hi everyone--just looking for some thoughts on this. My gym is having its one year anniversary next weekend. I normally go to the gym with just a scarf on, but I've never gone out in public otherwise without my wig. Since this is more of an "event," I feel a little torn about what I should look like when I attend, since I won't be in my workout clothes. I have two friends who have seen me both with and without the wig on but otherwise, I've kept my wigged and wigless worlds fairly separate. How do you all cope with this? Would you go in a scarf if you were me or go in the "public" dress and wear the wig?

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I think you should wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and secure in yourself. You can't really control the reactions you may get/or not get. But you can control how you react to them. So, just get prepared for some possibilities and go in there being your fab self!


Good Morning How you this morning well I have AU for 21years now been wearing wigs every since until I told the World how I felt in the local paper July 18, I did my first photo shoot bald in June and I'm asking the man well it be ok,if I go bald excuse me I'm thinking Tina you are paying him what does it matter,I'm saying to you ,,I find if you go at your own paste you will be fine ..take your time....I know that I has my shield on for a very long time and it is hard to let go it's just one,step at a time...



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