My daughter has Alopecia areata. Her vitamin D levels are really low.She had medicine prescribed for her and want take the pills.Her alopecia is getting worse. Can low vitamin d cause hairloss.Anyone on here experienced this with alopecia?

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Hi Kimmy68, I’m not sure about the connection between vitamin D and alopecia,  but I was also diagnosed with low vitamin D about a year or so before my first noticeable hair loss )which progressed to AU over 18 months). I’d be interested to hear from others. 

Thank you for replying.Her hair loss has gotten worse.I cant get her to take the vitamin d pills let alone anything for her hair.That is my biggeset fear that this will turn into A.U. she has had it for 8 years now.Grew back twice and fell out again, She is 24 now.

there is also liquid vitamin d3

I have been AU for almost 10 years now And only found out a couple years ago that I have very low vitamin d levels. My doctor makes me take 5000 units per day. I use the drops. I don’t know if the vitamin D is helping with regrowth because I’m also taking xeljanz. There is a link between vitamin d deficiency and autoimmune disease.

I don't usually comment on this website anymore, but this is interesting to me. I believe there is a connection between Alopecia and vitamin D. I was also told a few years ago that im low in vitamin D

I have AU. It started after a very distressing period. About a year ago I started taking vitamin D 3000iu daily as I heard a lot of health benefits about it, now my hair is growing back - very hard. I am not sure if it is vitamin d or the stress has gone down, but I need to shave my head daily, my body hair has regrown too.

Besides the general benefits of vitamin d, it is also advised in this covid-19 pandemic.

How long did it take for your hair to grow back after taking vitamin D pills? 

I think about 6 months or more, just take vitamin D as a daily routine. I take 5000iu at this moment, started with 3000iu.

BTW: 5000iu or 3000iu for your daughter is way too high. Ask a doctor for the recommended dose. My dosage is an adult dosage.

Hows your hair now? is it still growing and is their more of it?

It is growing, however, I still have a lot of big spots. I can feel them (or not) when I move my finger over my bald head. 

Her doctor  had prescribed her some pills a couple of years ago and she never took them.Now after she had her baby.She has lost 80 percent of her hair.It grew while she was pregnant and then fell out worse after she had her.I really hate this disease.

Good luck to you.I am glad its growing.Hopefully it will all grow back.



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