Well, my boyfriend of almost seven years asked me to marry him!!!! Unfortunately, it didn't take long for the wedding stress to set in. We realized we can't afford anywhere near our ideal wedding, and now we're trying to create something amazing on a (very) low budget. Since we've begun planning our wedding, I've noticed a lot of hair loss. My original bald spot has regrowth that doesn't seem to be reversing. My loss doesn't seem to be from a specific location, and I think that scares me more! Plus, my scalp itches SO bad. I've heard about the link between stress and alopecia, and I couldn't believe it more! I don't want to be a bald bride! 

Has stress caused a change in your alopecia?

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I believe stress has had a huge impact on my Alopecia and I believe it can happen quickly. Yesterday, I had an awful day. Boyfriend problems, I was having crying spells as I am still going through the shedding process and I am a ball of emotions. I woke up today and lost 6 or 7 pieces of my eyelashes as well as 10 pieces of my eyebrows. Don't worry, you are going to be a beautiful bride! Try not to stress. Think about how lucky you are to have someone who loves you for YOU! And that's beautiful. Wishing you all the best =0)

Hi there, yes stress has a lot to do with Alopecia it caused mine, i have white regrowth in my original spot but it can take 6-12 months to grow back and may fall out again

Check into Juliet caps, floral wreaths + veil, chapel veils, hats, wigs now. Have a beautiful back-up plan that will go with your dress and personality.

Hi LC, some may say stress has nothing to do with it, but I disagree. I had "almost" total regrowth at the time of my engagement. Then the stress kicked in, and my hair started falling out again.


I don't know if this piccie will help but I hope so.  This young lady has Alopecia Universalis and I think she looks fabulous with the headgear she choose for her special day.  

This looks fantastic, beautiful, retro and feminine!

I love this look.  She is sooo beautiful!!!!

LC: short answer from me. YES, stress has caused a change in my alopecia. The stress was over the top kind, and I lost my right side eyebrow and eyelashes.  They weren't that great to begin with, but we love every little piece of fuzz or baby hair we can have.  The good news is:  when the stressful event was over, my baby lashes and brows grew back. Now for the million dollar question:  how do you NOT GET STRESSED??  Especially over a happy occasion like a wedding? Breathe... take long walks. say no to everything you can let someone else do.  If you still have hair, you could get some extensions or hair add ons... there is so much out there. Buy some BLINKIES (eyelashes). Knowing you have a back up plan (hair and eyelashes) may take some of your fear away. I read once that happy stress or bad stress causes the same response in your body. Congratulations on your engagement! (one more thought... make the wedding super simple, get married NOW while you have hair/eyelashes and spend money on a stress free honeymoon) ??? best wishes to you.

The wedding is so beautiful. I don't think it's worth the stress. Unfortunately I am single and don't know where to find love.

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