Hi all! I know I’ve mentioned this before, but really hoping someone else may be having the same experience as I. I don’t have any of my bio hair left on my head, but I have strange white hair all over, not the fine velum hairs that signal regrowth, but rougher coarse hairs, I do know some are gray hair as they have a curly texture...my bio hair was straight, I’ve read that Alopecia does not effect gray hair as no color to attack. Have any of you grown this hair out? My husband is encouraging me to but I don’t think it will actually be sufficiently covering my head it’s about an inch or so now. I can’t figure it out don’t know how common it is?

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I lost nearly all of the hair on my head, which was mostly brown but getting more grays than I probably wanted to admit. I shaved my head for a bit, then let it do its thing, and, in the past three years or so, my head has become covered with "normal" white hair. It is still thin, and I'm self conscious about going without a head covering in public, but it feels like I have hair again. I just hope it fills in some more. I don't have any bald spots other than perhaps the nape of my neck, but the hair is sparse enough that my scalp is visible in places. Once in a while I get a couple of dark roots. I also have vitiligo, so I don't know if that has affected my hair. I don't think I would have had this much white hair by now if I had kept my hair, but who knows? Even if I don't have a full head of hair, I have enough to poke out from under a hat, and the white hair has kind of a blonder than blonde effect.

I have puzzled over whether I still have alopecia areata, and also whether, as I would have naturally gone gray, I will end up with a full head of white hair. I don't see a down side to growing your hair out as long as it doesn't become inconvenient under a wig. Good luck!

Christine  hi I am 9 yrs on this journey now, it grew bk 2x  and now this is the 3rd time.  Yes for the white weird odd feeling white growth.  I was able to get a full head of regrowth dark n white I just died it lightly myself every 2 to 4 wks without touching the scalp.  but as always it is falling out again.  I chose to go no wigs for the first time in 9yrs and as I have  12 bald patches again. and am losing it lots.   the wigs will be coming bk out soon enough.  I have lots of the white hairs you are talking about.   Do you wear wigs?  or no wigs?    and how long have you been an Alopecian? 

this pic is of myself in a full wig , my actual regrown hair I have now is very short and brital.

Denise, I’m sorry for the super late reply, I wear the Follea Gripper and just purchased my third one. I will let that crazy white hair grow to a certain point but shave because I feel like I look like a little old man....lol I’ve been dealing with Alopecia for about 16+ yrs now. 

Have symptoms of alopecia Areata

As I get older, the hair I have left is turning gray.  My wig  does not always cover it.

Well think I’ll just keep shaving as my Gripper isn’t so grippy with hair. When I touch my head it feels like a lot of hair, but visually it’s not, as I let it grow it’s very white, and you can see my scalp through it, so at least for now will continue the shave. The place I get my grippers from the gal there said the white hairs are just my follicles still trying to grow hair and it’s being attacked by the Alopecia so it’s damaged and contains no pigment....kinda makes sense 



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