Hey everyone;

Just wondering whether you can help, I was diagnosed 7 days ago, after a bald patch developed in the middle of my hair line, on my forehead. During the time I was loosing my hair, I felt this really strange burning sensation around the area the hair was falling out. I can now feel it down the side of my head, has anyone else experienced this? Is it a sign of further hair loss?

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I can't speak for everybody...but myself...yes, I felt this often. Usually when I would feel it...a new patch would be found a couple of days later. I started out with one patch on the top of my head in December, 2008...I now have about 16. Everybody is different though....Nobody knows how far it will go and how long it will last.
Thaks Christie, I'm so new to all of this and the drs cant seem to advise me in any way. I'm finding in really hard to cope with the unknown part. This burning area takes up a large area on the side of my head and its getting really uncomfortable, then I keep touching it, probably making things worse! x
I never felt anything with my 2 (hopefully only 2!!) spots that happened...I didnt even notice the hair was gone until I went to dye my roots!! However, I did feel a lot of tingling and itching when my first spot started growing back in
I did not feel a burning sensation, but I did feel some sort of tingling or swelling sensation at first. I do feel it was related to the active alopecia. When I lost the hair I remember feeling swollen where the tingling had been.
It sounds like your catching this just in time. Demand cortizone injections from your dermatologist you should notice regrowth within a few treatments (monthly). If you let it go too long it's harder to control it from spreading. I noticed my first bald patch when I was in 17 (I'm now 33) My hair grew back thicker then EVER then recently I started losing my hair allover again it started happening after having my daughter who is now 2. I had a choice either nurse or start cortizone treatment I chose to nurse. Now the few bald patches I noticed have combined into one and they are continuing to spread, the whole back of my head is pretty much all gone. I feel burning now that the doctors have started my cortizone treatments (8 months ago), there is some regrowth but the back of the neck is a real hard area (very stubborn) --- Who knows what normal is anymore?
How funny,
A few days ago a posted a question. The question was about itchy feeling. But when a read this, it is the same I feel. I feel first a sort of burning and after that is going to tingling, sometimes it feels like a itchy feeling. Then I want to scratch! But my partner keep saying, Do not scratch it isn't good for your head. But I don't know that when I scratch it would become wors? What does you feel?
My dermatologist said that touching it does not make it worse. That if it is going to fall out it will fall out and there is nothing you can do to stop or speed it up. Who knows if that's 100% true but it sure helps me feel less culpable for my patches.
Alison that is dead on with me too. I didn't even notice my first spot until it was 3" x 3"-ish in the back of my head and blamed it on hair dye until the Dr. told me otherwise. Now I am pretty sure I am getting another spot on the top of my head because it feels kind of burny and ... like sore almost. Also am thinking it might be in my head beause I didn't notice it the first time around... also could be that we are just more tuned in to what's going on up there and so are noticing it.
Hi Nathalie my name is Johana I do have a experience its been hapening for almost 3 years I lost my all hair and they came back after 1 year but right now its strated again I am so pissed ..can you tell me more I will try to tell you more

I also experience either an itching/burning sometimes even a tingling before a new spot appears. My doc said it is common. She said that under a microscope of a scalp biopsy that you can the presence of inflammatory cells (immune cells- T lymphocytes –hope I got that right) – so the inflammation is what your are feeling.

Unfortunately I have been feeling an itchy area in the back of my head the last few days- almost afraid to look!
Yeah, I had exactly the samething, and it itched and burnt then fell out, the good news is all of my head hair is now back and it only took about 20 weeks from being totally bald (well, I had a bit of hair left at the front of my head) to having a full head of hair again, I had massive grey patches at first but now most of that has grow through to brown again. Every time I get an itchy scalp, I get a wave of panic going through me!.

I didn't have any treatment from Doctors, I guess I am just lucky that it only lasted a short time, but then I'm a bloke and hair isn't that important to me. Fairplay to all the kids and women with Alopecia, it must be a big challange for you.
One night I layed down in bed with a head full of hair and my head began to itch and burn real bad. I was scratching it for a few mins, and when I pulled my hand away it was full of hair and I had a big bald spot where I had been scratching. The next day I went to see my doctor and she told me I have Alopecia Areata. The next day my head was itching on the top and I noticed that my hair had dramatically thinned. Through-out the day I was pulling out clumps of hair. The very next morning (3 days after my diagnosis) I decided to shave my head completely. I feel better completely bald. This way I dont have to try to cover my bald spots and I dont have to stress each time another clump of hair falls out.



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