I bring this up because Alopecia has definite emotional complications; shame, fear, lack of confidence... you name it. For many people their favorite thing about themselves is their hair. When you lose that you are forced to find other things you like or suffer low self-esteem.

While I am losing my hair, and soon to shave my head, I find I like myself more than I did before, because I found out I am brave, loved, not superficial, and compassionate. Wow! Who knew? Can anyone else relate to this transformation?

I would love to know, what is your favorite thing about yourself? Here's a chance to brag, and I'd love to listen. Saying good things about yourself is the perfect remedy for self-pity.

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I would say that I am much more aware and compassionate about what happens to my fellow man. I tend to listen more, empathize more and help out others when they need it. Thank you for letting me share.

Happy Holidays and just posting what you did today suggests you are wonderful person and you know how to open yourself up. I think that those with Alopecia that close up their feelings are more likely suffer. We need to let people into our lives and see us for who we are.Their support and kindness is critical to our accepting.  Michael J Fox said," Happiness comes in proportion to acceptance", I truly believe that.

That's wonderful! I would add to that and say you are insightful too. I saw some of your posts and I can tell you are also a very giving and helpful person. Thanks so much for your kind words!



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