When you have alopecia, is it possible to lose only certain types of hair such as pubic and "head" hair, or is everything likely to go?

**I started to lose the hair on my scalp about a month ago, and just yesterday I realized my pubic hair is going as well... I was just wondering if my eyebrows, or eyelashes are going to leave me too..

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It is unpredicatable. Some people don't lose their brows and lashes and some do. I wish we had answers to your question.

I started with just my scalp. Then I noticed patches in pubic area as well. Unfortunately to say I am to the point of only having to shave my legs like 1x a month and that is because there are a few spots that still grow in but not very thick. The hair on my arms has become baby fine if there at all. I have lost almost all of my brows now too! I still have my lashes for now and I am hoping they stick around :) I was told by the dermatologist that I had AA and that it looked promising that I would regrow where I had started losing originally and I did for a little and then it just kinda took over :( This is just my story and as Karen said it is unpredictable and everyone is different. Good luck and please keep us posted!



I know this is a very frightening for you at this time. The bad news is nobody can tell you what is going to happen with your hair. Alopecia Areata is very unpredictable. In my experience there can be some precursors that would indicate your alopecia may be more chronic and severe. (This isn't written in stone though - everybody has there own journey with Alopecia Areata)

If you have lost more than 50% of your hair, if you have other auto immune conditions, if family members have other auto immune conditions, if you are under 30 years old. These things may indicate this is going to be a chronic problem.

Reality - nobody really knows.


I have AU for 8 years..I do not have a single hair on my body, except for acouple of strand of hair that i never had lost ony feet..



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