Hi Guys,

I have had AU for about 5 years now and have been on Xeljanz for most of the last 5 years. I am a male in my 20s.

My hair has probably come back about 2/3, but I have plateud and I was mostly growing hair while on 20mg a day, but it would make me feel sick so I am on 10mg a day moslty (recently I have been adding an extra 5mg every few days)

95% of my beard is there, maybe a bit lighter in an area or two

My left eyebrow is about 80% there or so, right eyebrow is about 1/2 or so (I fill them in).

With Litfulo being available now I want to know more about it. Is anyone here on it, and if so, how has your experience been?

My doctor actually gave me a couple months supply already that he had and he is writing my prescription now. 

My fear is getting off of Xeljanz (no washout period) and taking the LItfulo and it not being effective and then my hair growth reverses. That worries me and I want to see if there is any more info on this. I believe the trials had people do washout periods so I am not sure if this data is available, unless someone here was also in this situation. 

Probably not a good idea to take both at the same time, even 5mg a day, but maybe I could tolerate that for some time?

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!

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hello apple I didn't quite understand you have been on litfulo for 2 months.

I myself have been on xeljanz for 3 years and I changed for 1 year cinbinqo 200mg [pfizer] jak1 and I have better regrowth with it and a security profile because it is less selective than xeljanz which is the jak the more dangerous.

I used baricitinib for 3 months and jak is the least effective

I am waiting for litfulo in France which has been authorized, the dermatologists are requesting that it be reimbursed

you didn't worry I was also on xeljanz, baricitinib, and now cibinqo 200mg from pfizer and I never had a relapse on the contrary a better response with cibinqo,

litfulo should be more effective because it is targeted for alopecia it is a jak 3 and tyk 2 which are the pathways for alopecia

xeljanz has poor security profiles because it targets multiple jak routes

look at the clinical trials on the internet, there is an effective response rate and more safety for health

but no one on the forum talks about litfulo the first unique jak for alopecia authorized in Europe Asia and America

Hi Kevin,

So when you switched to the Cibinqo, no hair fell out? How long did it take to see some improvement?

In theory I shouldn't relapse becuse Jak 3 is more important to alopecia (I believe) than Jak 1 and Jak 2, yet Jak 1 still plays a role. But the dosage is 50mg vs 10mg of Xeljanz. 

I am just worried that not blocking Jak 1 could cause some hair loss or relapse, but there is no way to really know without trying it seems like. 

Any studies you want to link me to?


I am just starting to take Litfulo now, so I hope this works with no issues

When you stopped xeljanz and baricitinib, did you do a washout or just went straight into the cibinqo?

And did you not experience any hair loss at all? In theory I shouldn't lose any hair and should stay stable, but there isn't a lot of info on this I feel like

hello sorry for the late response no I have never lost but I have had falling periods especially with baricitinib for me it is the one that works the least well. cibinqo I have better response and stability. litfulo is a jak 3 and tyk 2 I think it is targeted for alopecia so you will not lose at best you will have a better response keep us informed. as long as you are on jak you don't have to worry about a relapse if you have been on jak for a long time and you have never had a relapse on medication

My only concern is that since Litfulo isn't blocking Jak 1, I could relapase a bit or for some time.

It seems like Jak 2 is the least important for Alopecia and then Jak 3 and then Jak 1

I will come back to update this place with good news hopefully 

all jaks are targeted even a jak 3 will be targeted but 100 times less than a cibinqo jak 1....

and 200 mg of cibinqo and 4 mg of baricitinib are not comparable if you take 200 mg of baricitinib I think you will be in emergency the dosage is not comparable between jak.

but according to people it is ruxolitinib which has the best response several people on xeljanz even at doses of 60mg had no response and on ruxolitinib or ctp 543 had complete regrowth

We managed to get my son (he is now 20) on Litfulo 50mg from Pfizer as first patient in Chicago area and one of the first in US. We had to wait for the insurance to get it setup in their system after it was approved and production started. He has been on it since then and it appears to work, fingers crossed. No side effects that we can tell. We also did manage to get approved for the discount program from Pfizor otherwise it would not be possible to afford it. 

How long has he been on it? How long did it take to show some results? Was he on Xeljanz or anything prior? 

I hope litfulo works well for you.

Anyone here take xeljanz and litfulo at the same time?

It may be unsafe to do, but I wonder if it possible

I have been on Litfulo for 2.5 months now and off of Xeljanz and I see some of my hair getting thinner and some very light loss in areas (such as eyebrows)

I was hoping the Litfulo would continue off of the Xeljanz since it works in a similar way, but it doesnt seem like it works tht way. Seems like the Xeljanz goes out of my system and then I need to wait for the Litfulo to kick in (6-12 months). 

Any thoughts?



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