I am hoping I can get a recommendation on a quality wig for my wedding coming up in September. I am currently trying to find a website that offers a human hair monofilament cap (not lace front) in about 22-24". My go-to has always been Fortune Wigs as their wigs have lasted me several years and is typically around $1,000, but it seems that their inventory is lacking quite a bit in the last year. I have also tried several Chinese stores on Ali Express and they never seem to last more than a few washes. My wedding is out of state, so I am on a slight budget for this. Please help! Thank you!

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  • Honey, look this way. Modern Show Trading Co., Ltd. is devoted to offering customers 100% human hair extensions with high quality on reasonable prices. we are providing Brazilian virgin hair extension,Peruvian hair extension, Indian hair extension and Malaysian hair extension with the 100% quality of brazilian virgin hair. We just use natural and never use chemicals, because they usually damage the hair and make it lose its natural shine and durability. Our products are aimed at the long term. Here is why you can trust us to be your personal hair wholesale distributor:

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We are a global parcel post, usually delivered within 24 hours and delivered within 3-5 working days. Please feel free to contact us. We are always waiting for your information and provide you with excellent service.

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Hi There.

I have found buying a wig is just one part of it.  Knowing how to wear it properly makes all the difference in the world for me.  Also, knowing how to order is important as well. Like what type of hair you are actually purchasing will determine how long the wig last. I have been at this hair thing for quite some time LOL. One of the greatest thing that helped me was  hair education.  For example, there is no such thing as Brazilian hair!!!!  Hair that is sold is either Indian and there are different grades, Asian and again different grades, and Eastern European....  This hair is very expensive.  When you prepare to purchase keep those things in mind.  I think that will help you on your journey.  I am uploading a few picture for you to see from the wigologist I work with.  I like her and her prices are good.  She also cuts an colors the wigs for us. One stop shop.   blessings

Hello, I am a wig designer and would love to work with you on designing a custom monofilament wig. www.Leisclosures.com specializes in creating natural looking hair pieces. Only unprocessed virgin Remy hair is used to provide a realistic looking wig that will last. Alopecia World has a wonderful shop section for those looking for wig and hairpiece options be sure to look there. LEIsCLOSURES offers discounts for those here on Alopecia World. 

Hi Laura. Best wishes for your wedding.

I have been sporting wigs for years. I am a lace-front wig wearer btw. I love it 'cause it's undetectable and looks pretty natural. Apparently, you're looking for a monofilament one. Actually, I have a friend (Christina) who wears a monofilament wig which is made of 100% real human hair.

She looks super gorgeous wearing that wig. The quality is great. Since it's made of real human hair, it's virtually impossible to detect. Sometimes I forget that she wears a wig. Fortunately, I remember the supplier name she bought her wig from. It's Lordhair. She bought it online from their website lordhair.com and got a huge discount on her purchase.

Christina is pretty happy with her wig. She even sleeps wearing it (she told me that, how'd I suppose to find out otherwise lol). I didn't ask her about the price but I am pretty sure it's on the lower side since her budget was low. I took time to browse the website and found monofilament wigs for women.

There are a lot of good suppliers on Aliexpress as well but buying directly from the supplier makes much more sense. Here is the pic of the mono wig. Don't forget to claim a huge discount on your first purchase.

Don't worry, it's totally okay to have certain expectations about the budget... Not everybody are ready to spend more on their wedding that they actually want to. Good thing the Internet is full with many ideas and articles - it's possible to arrange a memorable wedding without big sums of money, for example: https://www.poptop.uk.com/blog/cheap-wedding-venues-to-satisfy-any-...



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