Let me just preface my post with this-- I love my wigs. I'm gonna humbly brag a little here and say that they're beautiful, and, when compared to my friends' hair, my husband tells me that mine is far and away the sexiest, :) I don't mind spending 10,000+ every few months to have brunette "hair" like mine.

But I feel disgusting when I'm not in my wig. I hate it as much as I love it. I hate sleeping in it at hotels, I hate having to bring multiple wigs on trips for different purposes (I can elaborate on that, if I need to). I hate leaving company to run to the bathroom every few minutes to check on my hairline and make sure my eyebrows look good. The thought of my wig coming off nags at me every day, and I just want to live my life like I did when I had hair and didn't have to spend this much and worry this much to look like I do.

 I'm conflicted and would appreciate comments. I need to vent and I need advice.

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$10,000 is a LOT of money, especially every few months!  I pay about $4000 every few YEARS.  Have you looked into vacuum wigs?  You don't sleep in them, they don't move so you don't need to worry about it shifting on your head and they stay on beautifully with suction.  The downside is that you can't wear your hair like a ballet dancer (tight off of your face) but there are numerous styling options.  The hair is gorgeous on mine.  My friends (all about my age) hate me because my hair looks a lot better than theirs!  I sent you a friend request - if you want to write me I will tell you more.

Vacuum wigs are very expensive and also extremely hot. So if you purchase one of these, I hope you live in the arctics because it is a silicone base you hold all the heat right next to your head. Heat exhaustion is common with these wigs. These are by far the worst kind of wigs around. Not to mention that these also come out with alopecia after a year of wear. Then You have to put in another thousand or more for repair.

Phoenix, I don't know where you get your information but this simple is not true.  There are thousands of people in just the US wearing vacuums and I have never even heard of a case of heat exhaustion!  It's true that silicone isn't exactly cool, but you can easily just pop it off in 2 seconds, fill the base with cool water, dump it out and put it back on.  The hair will never look wet or oily from sweat and in seconds you are back in business.  The ONLY time this would even be an issue is on a super hot and humid day if you were doing something very active.  I wear mine all the time and have never had an issue with "heat exhaustion".  The are one of the BEST solutions out there for permanent, long term hair loss.  I wonder if you have actually worn one?  As far as longevity, I don't need to get any repairs until I've worn mine for 2 to 3 years.  Jacquelyn is spending $10,000 every few MONTHS!  There is no comparison.  I do not denegrate ANY system that people like.  There is room out there for all types of wigs.  I suggested the vacuum to Jacquelyn because she is spending a fortune and obviously likes high quality hair which she WILL get on a good quality vacuum.  If you don't like them, fine but don't condemn them just because you don't happen to like them.  I know about 800 people who will disagree with you.


I understand that you are a retailer trying to sell these wigs. As a salesperson you are never honest as per the product you are selling. With anyone's choice of a hair system, I hope that they are able to make the best choice for them I know the company you work for very well. And I speak out of experience of wearing the product you sell. On a hot day especially in a social area who will desire to "pop it off in 2 seconds, fill the base with cool water" Its unreasonable. Yes, silicone traps heat and doesn't allow it to dissipate.

I'm sure the 800 people you speak of have no experience of the many more superior hair systems available.  Which are superior to the vacuum wigs you sell. 

Please share, what are the. Superior hair systems?   I live in Mich. And I've only had access to $200-$300 wigs. None of which last but a few months and then start to look terrible.  I've always been afraid of buying on line- how do you know what's good?  Would really appreciate help.

Hi there! I'm wondering if you could connecting me to your hair guy? His prices are impressive. I have scarring Alopecia in the front of my head (no hair in front, full hair in back) so can still wear a clip on, as opposed to full head wig. However, I pay $3,000! So your price of $200-300 sounds incredible. I would welcome the connection to your get. Thanks!

Have you ever tried looking online? you can try this wig company silkawigs in Canada another lady on here recommend them to me. you can also look them up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have great quality wigs that last well over 2 years at a reasonable  price. If you have any question you can message me on here

Hi Phoenix,

I would have to disagree with your comments about the Freedom wig..  I am a highly active person, currently playing volleyball to go to Nationals in the US in May, working towards my blue belt in Karate, running, boating, swimming and anything in between and do it all in my Freedom hairpiece.  I have never felt heat exhaustion doing any of these activities.  My hairpieces last 2-3 years before I need a repair and I wear my hairpiece 12 hours a day most days and I am not delicate on my wigs to say the least.

Perhaps the Freedom Wig did not work for you personally and it is unfortunate that you had a bad experience, but for many alopecians around the world, the Freedom hairpiece has given them the opportunity to pursue activity that they once avoided due to security fears.

 I feel the same way as Debbie, everyone with alopecia needs to find the right option for them to live freely, securely and with confidence.  

Phoenix, I guess we have to agree to disagree.  It has nothing to do with selling them.  It has to do with 30 years of experience wearing all different types of wigs and finding that this one is the absolute best option FOR ME.  I didn't say everyone has to like them, but your comments were unnecessarily harsh as those experiences are not common or usual.  To each his or her own.

I have worn Feedom pieces For almost 20 years. Yes, in a 90 degree enviroment they are not ideal, but for the most part I find it the best quality, most secure solution. And I have tried many other options.

Silicone can keep you warm in this cold weather.   After reading this thread, it also occurred to me that it might also help us save on propane in this drafty house where I am.  

I recently heard a story on the radio from someone who had to take their wig off in public because they were so hot, so I say it one more time, do not go out anywhere without head scarfs of some kind which you should carry in case of a bad situation with your wig.   

If you buy one of these vacuum wigs, you also need to get some headbands to keep this hair our of your face.    You can also try bobby pins.     People who sell these hair pieces should probably sell these types of supplies along with their hair pieces.  Never use wigs on hot days or in hot rooms because you might sweat to death.  

Always keep head scarfs  with you in case anything bad happens to your wig and also to protect you from the heat and sun.  



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