Hi, I decided to go ahead and provide the link of where I get my daughter's wigs since I see others doing this. http://www.shuangyewig.com/english/index.asp I have been happy with their customer service and products. I recently tried a new vendor that was a little cheaper but it seems the hair may tangle more so I am not sure if we will order from them again. If you have questions about ordering a custom wig from them feel free to contact me.

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I love mongolian hair great substitute to european does ther hair seem good like cuticles intact have u ever tried to dye it?  N if u did did it lift well? Was it true virgin? 

I have darkened it in the past and tried to lighten one wig from a different company and it did not go well. It doesn't tangle and it is silky. For this price I really doubt that it is virgin european hair however the hair is beautiful, does not tangle and it works for my daughter.We tried a different company recently and she liked the look of the wig even more, it was longer and thicker but it is tangling and shedding. This company is the most consistently good product that I have found and I have ordered over 10 wigs from them.

That sounds good i want it silky not thick n yes viirgin european in my opinion is ridiculously expensive id rather by a car lol thats why i like mongolian virgin or indian virgin its a nice alternative

The problem I run into is the wigs cost a fortune and they tangle and shed like crazy. I hate short hair. My hair has always been waist long. And even the virgin hair tangles and sheds. You mentioned Mongolian. Does it shed or tangle? Most wigs I find aren't for Caucasians(which I am), and they are beautiful, but they don't look right. And I cant spend a fortune on them with my kid being sick too. I live on commission, so most times I'm check to check.

Hi although I am a professional wig maker, you can google me chiti beauty;smile. I find  that as the years evolve there has been alot of new wig vendors and the profession of Wig Making has been farmed out overseas to factories. With that said the prices and craftsmanship of some of the units I had the opportunity to see are not worth the price. However, cost is also the major factor and that is based on the hair the wig is constructed from. Popularity has also reflects on the price of Indian hair, European and Asian hair. Since I construct units for Orthodox women who cannot wear Indian hair and want a wig within their particular ,I would suggest  Mongolian hair then lastly Spanish hair.  However over all, the way a wig is constructed reflects the finish look

Unfortunately this website does't even exist.



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