Hi, I have worn wigs since 2009.... I have had real hair wigs & some synthetic wigs & some fiberfusion wigs? I find that real hair wigs last longer and stay nicer longer (no crunchy end feeling) . I am always worried people can tell I am bald & it is a wig.......... I am disappointed with the latest ones , half & half, I bought 3 of the same style regular 400$ each for $218 so I got 3, well 2 mths in and 2 of em are wrecked......I take them off when I get home and wear an old wig. I am very careful with them. SO be careful when you buy fiberfusion ones that they say can handle heat. AS I Never applied any heat to them it was only sun exposure that cooked them. well let me know what your take on wigs are . Thank you . signed frustrated and bummed out. :) but still smiling :)

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Wig choices are difficult and can be so confusing. I think it is very sensible to work out your own needs and then find a wig which ticks as many boxes as possible.

With regards to hair I have some fairly strong views, which some may disagree with especially around human hair. I am not knowledgeable about synthetic hair but I'm sure somebody here will come along with information that will help.

I personally feel human hair is a very good choice for those with long term extensive hairloss, but you must be very careful to understand the two different types of human hair. I do have a good knowledge of human hair and the two types that people use in wigs.

In my mind there is only two types of human hair processed or unprocessed.

100% unprocessed virgin human hair is sourced from the General public of the world, it comes with as much variatin and limitation as the people of the world. Because the cuticle is fully intact it adds years of life and luster; silky feel and natural movement; can be coloured by a professional colorist with predictable results, colours are natural and beautiful. This is the hair my daughter has in her wig of choice and I have found it excellent and long lasting. The disadvantage of this hair is that it is very expensive, but to me worthwhile.

Processed human hair - cannot be highlighted due to previous processing (colour may not take or will be unpredictable, often producing a greenish tint) ; cuticles are chemically altered leading to massive tangling, hair breakage and a dry dull appearance; colours are limited. Processed hair is often sold as unprocessed hair, which can be misleading to the person needing information. If hair is processed it is processed - be careful around what is being said. You can't just lightly process hair - especially if you are changing darker hair to blondes , you have to use peroxide and strong chemicals to do that. This type of hair is very good for short term solutions in wigs and is usually very reasonably priced. If it isn't again - you should be a little wary.

Hope this information helps.


thank you for your take on human hair wigs. I have to agree I find those to be the best . :)

Very informative and worded so everyone can understand : )

Hi thanks for responding. I get them at ace wigs/ paula young wigs has really good prices check them out./ but my synthetic ones do not last long as if you open an oven door it is dangerous they cook...... heat is not a synthetis friend. I just ordered my lavish HH one again in a darker color 400$ she will last about 1 year to 2 as I only wear it to work & out, then once home I put on a heat resistent short one, or one of my more wrecked ones......so as to keep the going out in public ones as good as I can.....


I can understand how you feel Sinsemilla. My daughters growing hair before she lost it, was very long(down to her bottom), naturally very white blonde, and curly. Another very rare combination of characteristics in natural growing hair. Even though there can be a wait, we have been able to get similar hair to her own over the last 10 years with her Freedom Wig, (not quite as long), but absolutely beautiful.

With your type of hair I would suggest it would be some of the rarest natural growing hair there is. Red hair or Auburn (lots of natural red hi-lights) makes up only approximately 14% of the worlds population. Extremely curly hair is also difficult to source as those who grow this type of hair don't usually want to cut it, and if they do it is just to achieve a style that is manageable for themselves. The corkscrew effect could be achieved if using 100% unprocessed virgin hair by perming. The colour is achievable, but definitely not a fashion choice as I realise that those that need the very rare red hair, want the natural attributes that go with it. The children I help who had naturally growing red hair and the complexion to match need this hair as colouring is not something that I like to do with my little people, I am trying to achieve a natural child's look, of course there are adults that also need this hair to match their natural growing hair (that was) and their complexions. One of the pluses with an adult is they can often get the colour they want by colouring 100% unprocessed virgin human hair to achieve the desired redness.

As I said in my first post 100% virgin human hair comes with as much variation and limitation as the world's population, I probably should add that like people's growing hair this type of hair can be changed by hairdressing, in most instances it is really not needed but for the very rare types of hair like yours it may be an option.



Finding something that suits you and your needs is what it is all about. You sound very much like you have it sorted for yourself. :)


Sinsemilla then you have to go to Paula young/ or ace wigs and check thru there. I believe I saw one like your describing. let me know

I prefer synthetic. I like them better because they are maintenance free. I love that I can put it on and go in the morning. We call it the "plop & go". I can make the short length synthetic wigs last up to 6 months. Of course, the longer the synthetic wig, the shorter amount of time that it will last. The ones that can handle heat, do have a tendency to ruin faster. In my opinion, they haven't perfected the fiber yet. I think the regular fiber synthetic wigs are the best. Also, I like that I can change my style/color often with synthetic wigs. If I wore human hair, I would only be able to have one, and I know that I would get tired of it. So instead, I purchase several synthetic wigs for the same price.

Alliegator your right also. the heat resistant ones (I bought 3 of the same) for 218 $ each 4 mths ago and now only 1 is ok to wear out. I had no idea the heat resistant ones are affected by sweat the salt in our sweat eats them so the company that emailed me back says............ I don't go out in diff ones cause not alot of people know. my immediate workers do but no the majority of them. I am not ready for that, you think after 4 yrs I woudl say whatever, but not yet...... weird eh . how lond have you been an alopecian?

It is sad that the heat resistant wigs aren't up to par. Hopefully they will invent a new kind of fiber that can handle the heat and wear & tear. I was diagnosed with AGA when I was in high school, but I think mine started around 13 or 14. I've been an alopecian for what seems like forever, more than 10 years.

I have one syn that I love the look of but I am allergic to it - I break out from the syn fiber - but I am allergic to tons of stuff so that should not have come as a surprise to me. I do love my human hair ones - but due to my small head found that going custom was the only way for me. My mom wears only syn and loves hers. She loves the ease of them and unlike me does not find them hot or itchy. I wear my hair long and poker straight and I have yet to see a syn that did not look wiggy to me so human hair really was the way to go for me. I have never tried a blend and often wondered how heat friendly ones would hold up long term.

I have both synthetic & HH. I love the versatility of HH, being able to change your style. But I also like the ease of synthetics, just being able to put them on and go. Although my synthetics are only lasting me about 2 months...maybe I am doing something wrong?



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