I recently tried wool-lite on my synthetic wig but Iu wonder if I rinsed it too much? The wig is still tangling quite a bit andI can barely wear it. This is a pretty brand new wig so I am sure I just need to learn how to care for it. Suggestions? 

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You need to use only shampoo for synthetic wigs and use condition for them too. I have found using anything other then shampoo for synthetics you will have big problems. Hair Direct or Wilshire Wigs have it all.  

Oooh, do not use Wool-Lite on your wigs; it can damage the hair.  As Alo-mom said, you need to get a shampoo that is just for synthetic wigs.  Jon Renau makes a shampoo, and there are lots of brands for sale through Wigs.com.  Once you find a brand that you like and that works well, you can usually find the brand for a little cheaper on Amazon and Ebay.  If you are wearing a name-brand synthetic wig, the manufacturer will usually recommend a shampoo.

I also read on the internet that you could use fabric softener on synthetic wigs. I tried it on a cheap one and idk... it's tangling worse than before but i wouldn't call it ruined. I'm not going to try it on my more expensive wig.

What kind of wig conditioner is good for synthetic fibers? The spray leave-in kind isn't helping enough for me

Don't use any laundry or dish washing products on your synthetics.  There are specific synthetic hair shampoos and conditioners.  The manufacturer of your synthetic wig might make a shampoo/conditioner for its synthetics -- if yes, try that.  The Wigs.com website seems to be down right now, but you can try WilshireWigs.com -- look under Accessories, Hair Care, and there will be shampoos and conditioners there.  Jon Renau, for example, makes an entire synthetic hair care kit -- shampoo, conditioner, comb, etc.  That's probably the best place to start.  I've never tried a spray-in conditioner for my synthetics.  Shampooing, then conditioning, then combing it out and letting air dry has worked for me.  Don't use heat on it unless it's a heat-resistant unit; if it's not an HR unit, then you can melt the synthetic fiber.

I also want to add: Don"t wash your synthetic wigs in hot water. Heat can damage the hair.

May I ask what synthetic wig conditioner you use?

I use Brandywine. It's worked well on my Amore synthetics.

thanks, I'll try that. The other conditioners that I've seen are usually sprays, including Jon Renau. I don't think they condition deeply enough but they do help with tangling if you use a ton of it.



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