I just wanted to give everyone an update on my fiancé's progress while taking Xeljanz. My fiancé has had alopecia for the past 2 years. When she first started taking Xeljanz she had no eyebrows or eyelashes, and about 80% hair loss on her scalp. After taking 5 mgs twice a day for the past 2 months she has started to have regrowth on her eyelashes and eyebrows.
Please keep in mind they are not terminal hairs yet, but it is a huge start considering she had none. This is a great sign that she is responding to the medicine. Although she has not noticed any regrowth on her scalp as of now, the hair that she does have has not been fallen out since starting Xeljanz

We both continue to stay positive and optimistic.

Please contact me if you have any question I would be glad to help out in anyway that I can.

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Wow!! That is so exciting!! Thanks for the encouraging pic!

Wow those are some amazing results! I'm starting my 6th week today and I am no where near those results yet, and I'm only about 30% bald. Good luck and congrats!

I love this pic so much!! I keep coming to this site and looking at it every day. It gives me hope.

That is amazing. Did you do anything besides Xeljanz? I am also 2 and a half weeks in, but have not noticed anything significant yet.
I am not on anything else and take no other medications. I do eat healthy, take a daily multi vitamin and avoid gluten, but that has never had an impact on my hair loss.
I'm sorry to burst the bubble. But aint xeljanz just the same as cyclosporine? What are the difference between the two ?? . yes it produces hair growth. But what the most important thing is do you need to stay on this for the rest of your life. . which could be fatal. I saw the article about the man that grew all his hair which happened last year but no one knows if he's hair is still there. Does anyone know ?? As I seen the medication is working wonders for people and I hope for the best and does stay on but I'm not counting my hopes yet until there solid evidence that this medication is the safest and best treatment for this disease..


I agree. Immunosuppresents are dangerous, leaving one open to death via infection. I also had a friend on them for years and she got lymphoma (cancer)... 

What I have read is that they are hoping to begin making this a topical ointment, so that you get the effects at the site needed, where hair follicles are being attacked, but without the systemic effect on your immune system and health. As a cancer survivor myself, there is no way I am risking going down that road again, so I plan to wait for the topical treatment. 

That is a valid question. The last thing I read about the first guy who got his hair back said that he is still on the medication and they had him on 6 pills a day to try to get his immune system to stay in "no attack" mode and eventually go back to normal. I have not heard about anyone who has gone off the meds completely, so at this time, I do not think anyone knows for sure what will happen. I suspect you will lose the hair if you stop.

There are some studies being conducted now and we will have to await the results and see. Yes there are still a lot of question around the continued maintenance. Kyle Rhodes is not on 6 pills a day...3 at most. The question is, can you go to one pill a day once all the hair is grown back? ...or one pill every other day? If that is the case, then the safety profile improves dramatically. Lots of questions still....

 Sorry, did not mean to spread false info, but I did read it on Philsinfo.com, drug gives bald man full head of hair.  It says "...Kyle Rhodes continues to take it, not so much for hair, but for his psoriasis...his doctor recently upped the dosage to six pills a day in hopes of making a bigger dent in the disease".  It is an interesting article, but do not know if it is true.

He was taking 6 pills a day at one stage not for his alopecia but for his psoriasis.

He was on 15mg (3pills a day) from month 2 to month 8

I stand corrected. I never came across that in my preliminary research. That seems like an excessive about of the meds.



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