I just wanted to give everyone an update on my fiancé's progress while taking Xeljanz. My fiancé has had alopecia for the past 2 years. When she first started taking Xeljanz she had no eyebrows or eyelashes, and about 80% hair loss on her scalp. After taking 5 mgs twice a day for the past 2 months she has started to have regrowth on her eyelashes and eyebrows.
Please keep in mind they are not terminal hairs yet, but it is a huge start considering she had none. This is a great sign that she is responding to the medicine. Although she has not noticed any regrowth on her scalp as of now, the hair that she does have has not been fallen out since starting Xeljanz

We both continue to stay positive and optimistic.

Please contact me if you have any question I would be glad to help out in anyway that I can.

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Thanks Singh. She has been on 2 a day for the past 9 months. No other immunosuppressants
Thanks for the reply am hoping to start soon! Just turned Au for about 4 months. Hope the success continues :))

Awesome news!

Here is the Most recent picture of my fiancés progress while on xeljanz. Thank God she has been healthy and has experienced positive results. I don't know if this has any correlation but my fiancé got the PRP (Platlet Rich Plasma)procedure done a month before she started xeljanz. Si wonder if this added to the rapid hair growth on her scalp.

She truly has beautiful hair

Thanks you
That's fantastic mate ! How long your wife planning on staying on 2 pills a day ? And what alopecia did your wife have ?
I think within the next 6 months my fiancé will ween off of xeljanz and she has ophiasis alopecia.

By the way how was the alopecia of your wife before? Did she hair no hair at all?? 

And any side effects?

Alllll the best she looks amazing!

Thank you!
She lost about 90% of the hair on her scalp, and all of her eye lashes and brows.She has not experienced any side effects, thank God!

Her hair is growing like wild fire. I am truly blown away by how amazing her results have progressed. I must admitt I was a little nervous and skeptical at first about her trying xeljanz, but I am so glad she did. This medicine has finally given my fiancé the hope she truly needed.



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