I read awhile back that someone on here has gone to Mexico and purchased Xeljanz, but don't remember who? Can you tell us where in Mexico you went (was it Tijuana?) and how much you paid (in American dollars) for a month's supply? A friend of mine wants to purchase some there. Thanks

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PD to my last post: You DO NOT NEED  prescription to buy Xeljanz in Mexico but remember never ever buy medications from a single person or by internet, Only in a physical chain pharmacy

Thank you for the advice. I'm planning on making a trip to Mexico City to buy xeljanz but I'm concerned about the packaging being different and the bottle I got from pfizer has 8 mg tofacitinib citrates that equals 5 mg. tofacitinib. The mexican package says 5mg tofacitinib citrates. I'm wondering if it's the same thing.

Hi Carlie,

I know this post was from May, but I would like to know if you could please share (inbox)  the pharmacy in Mexico where you found the Xeljanz? 

If anyone has been successful in finding it in Mexico, can you please inbox the information for me please?

thank you for reading.

Will you please provide your email address so that I may get in touch with you about buying Xeljanz in Mexico City?

Thanks so much,


Hi , I’m just wondering if anyone bought Xeliganz from Bangladesh, it’s another medicine factory called Beacon and very cheaper than others. $15 for 30 tablets in a box. 

Hey, do you really think that it is worth going to Mexico in order to buy Xeljanz? Umm, that seems kind of unreasonable for me. Look, you are not living in medieval world and it is not Skyrim here, so you have to into some mountains, then to some sea in order to get something, no! There are websites, apps, where you can buy stuff and other people and organizations will deliver it to your house. It's that simple. If you want to choose the best one, even here I can help, look here https://iliketodabble.com/best-selling-apps. There you can find an amazing top from the best apps based on selling and buying stuff online. It is ten times easier to do it there than to find an answer through a forum.



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