I know this sounds like another website we all know about....BUT it would be cool to start our own wig help forum. Would anyone like to start posting about their favorite wigs, where they get them, name of the wig and brand, and even feel free to post pictures of the wig, or of yourself wearing the wig? I think it would be helpful to so many of us here who frequently talk about wigs, and in this way, all the information would be in one area. I think most of us could post something about a favorite wig that we have, or that we have been eyeing and wanting to buy. Then if someone already has that wig, we can swap the informaion about it online. Good idea? I am waiting to see if this idea gets received well by all.

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I created a group on this website a while back for that exact reason. It is called "Wigaholics". I can change the name if it is an issue. I sent you an invite to join the group. We have many members, but not many use the group often. If you aren't already a member, www.wigsupport.com is a great forum. It exists for the reasons you mentioned, and it includes so much more. Hope that helps!

I ordered fire under impressions on loriswigsite. The blonde was HY54. It's the best blonde that I have ever found. I was considering ordering a gripper til I read angels post. I paid 1400 for it. It is 100european hair. It has dermafix around the perimeter. I don't worry about it coming off. It has tab also of you want to use tape. I am very happy. I tried all kinds and I actually feel like I have regained some confidence that I have lost. I have had AA since 12. Now I'm 44. So it has been worth every penny.

What shade of blonde is it? My bio hair is a true yellow blonde, no ash. That is what I would be wanting in a HH wig. When did you get it? Just curious as to how long you have had it, and after how many washings, it still looks good? And how hot is it to wear?

Tracy, I've been considering a gemtress wig in that exact color. Would you say that the hy54 is more of an ash/beige blonde than a golden blonde? Also do you think the hairline is natural when pulled back? I once ordered and returned that wig because I didn't think it worked for me around the ears. I have no hair of my own. But now I'm regretting it. I think I was just put off by the darker color I ordered and didn't really give the wig cap a chance. Thanks for any info.

Hey Alliegator....I know you said hello to me on the wigsupport site. I didn't know you started a group, and I don't believe that is what I did here, just a discussion. I seriously don't find the other site anywhere near as helpful and fun as this one is. This is a much more comfortable forum. At least that is my observation. You know I am sure I love your Life as a bald girl blogs...so informative. Well written. I visit it often. I surely didn't think that this idea was novel of me...part of why we are all here on this site is about wigs, and needing all the help and ideas we can get to not make any more of those mistakes in my closet that go unworn.

Hey Lexi... I was wondering for a minute if it was you on the wigsupport website. I know the profile name is the same, but I wasn't sure. Oh ok, I got the impression that you were talking about bringing up an ongoing discussion, which is why I brought up the group. This is a more comfortable forum for those with Alopecia. I enjoy both sites. Thank you so much for the compliment and for visiting the blog. It was novel of you. We can always use this type of discussion.

Actually earlier today I was on that site, and it is starting to grow on me! Girl, I love your blogsite. Have for a long time.

Mine wig is around 2 year old and it still looks awesome. i bought from https://shop.wigsbuy.com/

My very favorite wig is Gala by Gabor. I probably own 6 of these in the Praline Mist. I also bought 1 in the Ginger Mist, and 1 in Mahagony Mist. I've ordered some from Ebay at $49 for new, and I've paid much more in a wig shop. My husband's favorite is Sandie by Noriko and I own 4 of these--in 4 different colors. I have had pretty good luck buying wigs on Ebay when I know the style and color.

Gala is a great wig, I have a client that will now wear nothing else. The problem is that Gabor changes its offerings quite often. The Gala is the 3rd style we have had to move to because of this. If you love it and can get it at that price, buy all you can. $49.00 is below my wholesale.

Thanks, Chris. The $49.00 price is the Ebay price. I wear a wig all day so a synthetic doesn't last very long when you have to wear them every day--that's why I have so many. And yes, it is good advice to advise people not to run out and buy a Gala just because I like it.

I need to learn how to buy on Ebay. I don't have a clue.



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