I'm curious to know what hair products everyone uses: shampoo, conditioner, styling stuff, etc. Does it impact your AA or not?

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I am afraid to use anything. I wash my head with plain bar soap. When some hair begins to grow back its always patchy and usless, so I keep using plain soap.
Right now I use Pantene for color treated hair. I don't know what my options are. I have one patch right now. I had it before I started using this product. I don't think it makes a difference because now I'm starting to see some frontal baldness along with the patch. I definitely feel my hair thinning so if you hear back from anyone with suggestions let me know. Thank you.
I felt the same way when my hair started falling out in March. I went to a dermatologist and she suggested Dove Shampoo and Conditioner. I am very happy with them. I recently got fitted for a hairpiece and the beautician said I should only wash my hair once or twice a week. I have started doing that (at least waiting 3 days anyway). Since I have the hairpiece, I am so happy I have stopped tracking whether the hair loss has progressed, but I think it has.
Hi there, Im new here and when I found out I had alopecia I bought a shampoo for hair loss. I live in the UK and bought mine from Boots, called boots expert hair loss treatment for women, I bought the spray and the shampoo. I just use my regular shampoo as I dont put it on the roots.
Im so scared of having this condition, and Im just trying everything.
For my daughter i use hair products from Carol's Daughter : Tui herbal shampoo, hair smoothie,leave in conditioner and Hair milk, she had a texture softner on her hair, but, now that i think it's a bout of her AA i stoped, she has shedding, but also lots of new growth about 4 inches.
I just use the dove bar soap that i use on my face. I keep my head shaven, so I don't need shampoo.
I've chosen products with no laurel sulphates or silicone or parabens....not changing much but I like using all natural soap products due to family allergies.

I didn't make any changes to my hair care range but I did opt for a treatment called pro-alopeciata. It was a little heaty after application but the treatment show a gradual progress. I've discontinued the treatment as the spot is no more visible. So far the newly grown hair had been strong and no signs of hairloss.

I use Nizoral. It's a medicated shampoo that is lovely! If you leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it off it makes your scalp feel good with no itching. To detangle, I use plain Morrocon Oil. Nothing else as I'm afraid of losing more hair. Actually I do use a mousse once in a while if I'm going out, it helps me cover the patches although I don't put it on my scalp. Hope this helps. :)



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