Hello. I have LPL for many years. I live with the continued loss of hair that gradually increases. I tried treatment with hydroxychloroquine and trocolimus lotion to try to stop the fall for a year. I am now trying local applications of PRP with cortisone on the scalp. I had the first application in August of this year. I'm going to make three more monthly applications and see if there's any changes. I would like to see this group reactivated, with the more active participation of the members, in the perspective of their treatment experience and new scientific discoveries about scarring alopecia.Thanks.

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I also have also been diagnosed with LPL; it's been over 20 years now. Still have hope that one day, the scientific community will find a cure for this specific type of alopecia. 

I think it's a great idea to try to reactivate this group; we need all the support, information, testimony, knowledge,..., that we can get. 

I recently had a biopsy to check whether the inflammation was still active. The affected area represents about 50%  of my scalp; I was also thinking of trying the PRP; however, my doctor thought it was not a great idea. She suggests I contact an implant specialist, but she's still hesistant as the affected area is large. 

I hope that one day we'll get a cure through stem cells. 

Please let us know how the PRP applications work. 



I spent $4000. On PRP with no results,  listen to your dr,  spoke 2 weeks ago to transplant and it still is not in the cards for us yet

I pray that some day we will get somewhere with this!  


Hi I was diagnosed in December with Cicatricial alopecia .  My dr started me on 100 mg of doxycycline 2x day with ketamine injections every 6 weeks.  Along with clobetiisol liquid on my scalp daily.  Now after 6 +mons. I have developed Drug induced Lupis to go along with everything else and my hair is falling out faster now than it had in the past.  Of course I am a sun safe worshiper and now can’t go out into the sun with out being majorly covered,  I am so depressed it always seems like 1 step forward and 3 steps back!

Don't be discouraged. You have a life ahead of you and a lot of good things to do.

 I received word that Dr. Shapiro, a renowned specialist, had success with a patient, testing PRP with Naltrexone 3 mg. It is a case of verification, as I did not have access to the publication of the study. It can be found at


If anyone can access the article please send it to us.



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