I want to first say that my views on what good and bad foods are is based on text and advice from a few Holistic "Doctors" whom I trust.
Now, I've much used my own body as a test bed to help heal myself physically and mentally with the first logical step being diet coupled with exercise. Again, this might not be for everyone, but I've seen effects in/on my own body, that being said, my weight went from an unhealthy 219lbs to a recent weight of 157lbs. How did I do this? First, I went to a vegetarian lifestyle, no animal products, no diary,no sugars including honey, maple syrup etc,no white flour, I'm sure you get the idea.
Another plus has been Living in California which makes this lifestyle easier that and the constant sunlight which has been successful in producing the first signs of regrowth in about 8 years.I've read a lot of books on self recovery and I'm encouraged and optimistic that with the right combination of diet exercise and positive thinking we could actually rid our bodies of Alopecia

What do you think?

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I'm not certain if a healthy lifestyle can correct alopecia but, in reality, one has nothing to lose (except weight) and many benefits to gain. Please let me qualify this by saying healthy, to me, means more fruit and vegis, just about any form of exercise, even walking the mall or gardening, and minimizing processed sugars. Personally, I always feel better, both physically and mentally when I'm eating healthy and exercising.
I have just recently (within the last month) been diagnosed with alopecia. I am a self-confessed gym junkie, I don't smoke, I rarely drink, I live for fruit and vegies, and I eat very few processed foods and only occasional meats. Prior to the onset of my alopecia, I was, and still am extremely fit, and showed no blood/hormonal abnormalities.
Apart from MAYBE stress, I can't personally identify a trigger for my experiences so far with alopecia, but I agree wholeheartedly that exercise and achieving/maintaining results in the gym, or exercising outdoors nearly always makes people feel a bit better emotionally. Maybe it is because it makes me feel as though there is at least SOMETHING that can be controlled about my body?
First things first, congratulations JayB on the weight loss and getting healthy! Weight loss by itself is good and all, but a complete healthy lifestyle change is just amazing.

Then to all others out there: If you're questing for an alopecia fix, don't try the macrobiotic diet. I'm sure it's great for some people but three months on it and I was utterly miserable.
Lesson learned: while diet is an important part of a positive lifestyle the macrobiotic diet doesn't work for fixing alopecia (even if it does work for the autoimmune disease where the white blood cells attack the stomach lining).
Dear JayB-
I'm curious as to the effects of excercise and an organic diet, holistic treatment, and maybe some reiki. I have AA and usually a huge onset is stress and change in weather. Does sunlight help hair regrowth? I am in New England and curious if maybe I should hit a tanning booth. Please advise. thank you.

Congratulations Jay for your weight loss and lifestyle changes.

I've had AU for 8 years. My opinion is similar to a few other members above. I'm 41 and I've always been active and ate healthfully. For at least 15 years before my hair fell out, I was competing in half-marathons, working out daily, playing sports and eating a semi-vegetarian, organic diet. I took supplements and visited a naturopath. Then when I developed my alopecia, the first thing I did was visit my naturopath and follow her advice. (She stupidly guaranteed my hair would come back.) My hair fell out quickly and nothing i did seemed to stop it.

All these years later, I still eat very healthy, I exercise regularly and I actually have started receiving and doing Reiki over the the last few years - and no regrowth for me!

I think it's a tremendously important thing to have a healthy diet and to reduce stress but I don't think it can switch OFF alopecia. Just my own opinion!~
I've been a vegetarian for approx 12 years now and have had various stages of aa for over 20. I saw no improvement when I cut out meat. I work out at the gym, and I've jogged since I was in my 20s. I've taken soy out of my diet for some months - no improvement. I've been on various suppliments over the years - no improvement. Now I'm off chocolate, not because I think it may improve the chances of regrowth, but because I've found out the beans are picked with child labour - often children who have been abducted from their homes. So...what can I say? I think alopecia is an inside job, which means anything we put into our stomachs has little or no effect on it. Something has turned off our Tcells and until they discover what'll turn them on again we stumped. I keep to a healthy way of life because it makes me feel good and look better than I would if I didn't. With or without alopecia it's a good thing to look after my body, especially as I'm aging.
i do believe that healthy living can help you feel better and relief stress. i'm over weight and i started changing to whole grain foods and a exercise routine, my major weakness is portion size. but i do know that healthier living will benefit me inside and out. right now i'm living in a very cuttered unorganized apartment, i'm working on getting it clutter free, that in itself is stressing me out. so thanks for validating what i was feeling about my alopecia. stress is a huge factor with this disease. but to answer the question i don't believe that healthier living will eliminate this disease but you never know, depending on the person and the strenghth of your immune system it may go into remission and your hair may grow back.

I have turned Raw/Vegan and I agree with you 100% JayB. It took about 8 months to see any change in hair growth but now I have a hairline and more hope. I somewhat healthy in mind and I just look at this as an effect from eating the way we are meant to, but if I dont gain my hair back I wont cry over it, I am past the desire to need hair to live life to the fullest.

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