Just curious as to how many runners are on this board. I run mostly for relaxation with a few 5Ks thrown in every year just to keep it interesting. Came up with the idea earlier this year that I should run the local marathon in September. Seemed like a good idea at the time...I'll let you know as I get closer. Anyone else in training for a special event???

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I classify myself as a runner although injuries these past 2 years has stopped me doing much running. I always intend to get back to it but the longer I don't run the less I want to! I've only ever competed in 10 - 12 kilometer runs, and one half marathon. My hb completed 2 marathons. They're tough but if you do the training they are definately achievable. Good luck with it.
Hi Tony How are you? I just came home today from visiting my son in Rochester... I just ran 2 weeks ago my first 4 mile run ever. I started running in the gym this passed sept. I have never ran outside. Well I did it it! The day of the race it was 27 degrees that morning. Very cold lol... I came in 2nd in my age group. and even got a medal to my surprise!!!! I ran 4 miles on the trend mill in 48 mins but the day of the race my time was 38.13 wow i was so happy!!!!! It was the best feeling of accomplishment I have ever felt!!!... I am planning maybe another 5k in June.

Congratulations Maureen...there's nothing like the thrill of crossing that finishing line :)
Thanks Pat!!!... It was such a high!!!!
Hi Maureen! That's fantastic!!! Hope you hung that medal up where everyone can see it as that is a wonderful accomplishment. Running is definately addictive. Yeah, been on the treadmill myself as we had snow on the ground until a few weeks ago. Not much of one for running inside. Luckily, Friday was 80F with nothing but sunshine so I hit the barge canal path. Clicked off 8 miles and still had plenty left in the tank. Thinking of running a 5K fund raiser for Parkinson's week after next. Hope all is well.

Hi Tony, Yes I did hang it up where all to see lol!!! Thanks! Wow that sounds great good luck on the run. Let me know how you make out?...I know the weather was beautiful Friday I was there. The city of Rochester that night was really hopping. My son turned 21 so we hit a couple spots lol!!!!
Take care,

I am a walk/ runner...I live in a hilly neighborhood and it's great for my legs, I just cant run up all the hills but I sure can run down them. lol. I have a Rheumatoid Arthritis and am trying to beat that through an A+ diet and I am almost off all my pills but It's still lingering. I would love to be a runner and It is one of my goals at 47 years old.

Hi Felicia...well I've developed polymyalgia rheumatica these last 2 years so that's put an end to my running and als0 walking distances at a pace - taking prednisone has affected my joints and they are extremely sore. Also have a torn meniscus in my knee and will need surgery down the line...ugh...I also live in a very hilly neighbourhood and it does give a good workout...unfortunately walking any hills is out for me now. I feel like I'm falling apart! lol...Can you tell me what an A+ diet is?

Hi All,

I know this group was started a while back but I wanted to reply. Yes I am a runner. Started a couple of years ago by accident....was never really into exercising to any degree. To date I've run several 5 and 10k runs....3 half marathons, 2 30k races and just completed my first full marathon this past October. Running a full by my 50th birthday was on my bucket list. I lost most of my hair last summer and all of my hair by the time I ran the marathon. I'm not sure which marathon was harder....

I now facilitate a learn to run program at the hospital where I work with youth with Type 1 Diabetes and their families (I am a social worker).

Running and being part of the running community is one of the best things I can do for myself...I run slow...as long as I keep moving forward...it all works:)



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