Benefit Cosmetics had been making a great sealer for my penciled on eyebrows called "She Laq". Unfortunately, the She Laq product was discontinued a few years ago. I  haven't had any luck finding a sealer that is comparable. Does any one have anything to recommend?

I have tried a product called Model in a Bottle. What I did like about it - it's price - very reasonable.

But the sealer goes on and within an hour - starts to turn white and flakey.   If I'm wearing Model in a Bottle sealer, I will go to a mirror and look and see obvious white flakes flaking across my penciled brows.

Any suggestions for a better product? Thank you!

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I use powered eyebrow products . I chop and change what brand I use but powered is my favour it it's very easy to apply with a much more natural. At the moment I'm using the brow ZING from Benefit but what makes all my eyebrow powers really stay on is the Urban Decay 16 hours setting spray . It AMAZING truly amazing . I have very oily skim so having the urban decay setting spay means I don't have to reapply my eyebrows through out the day . Try it TRUST ME

xx Soph  Their Brow Sealer is great. It will not flake. Dries transparent and lasts all day. The best customer service, too. Screen grab from



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