Hi All hope you good. Does anyone have any advice on a long stay eyebrow pencil, pen etc. Ive tried a few and they just rub off, or look really hard and ageing. Thanks for any replies x

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Brow powder and sealer by BGDL.

I got mine here.BGDL Makeup Shop

Just an update: I've refilled every 6 months and they continue to have exceptional customer service and free tracking in the US.

Hi Smilely - Lately I have been using Tarte's Eye Primer on my eyebrows and my brows stay on all day without any touch-ups.

Yes, I use Anastasia Brow Pen. It comes in 2 shades, light and universal deep. It has a very fine, pointy tip so it's easy to make hair like strokes. Whether I use it or a pencil I alwasy have to use a sealer on top. I useLong Lastin Eyebrow Sealer by Model in a Bottle.com. The sealer is also used by people who have eyebrow hair. You can purchase either of these items online.

Let me know if this worked for you or you have any other questions. I haven't been on this site for awhile so I just saw your question.


Hi, I just joined Alopecia World and saw this post. Although it was started some months ago I have to share the product I use for brows. It is an art marker from Tombo. You can find it at any art store and it comes in a ton of different shades. Being a very light skinned blonde, I use #027 which looks mustard green on the cap but once on the skin looks very natural blonde.

This product was shared with me by a permanent makeup tattoo artist. She recommended I try it before I went through with tattooing my brows. Since eyebrow tattoos fade, I still use the pencil for touch ups or extra definition between sessions. It is water resistant which means it stays on my skin all day (not water proof so it will come off when you wash your face). It's an amazing little product - because it's a "marker" you can actually draw on little hairs. I pat it with my finger before it dries to remove any harsh lines. It looks very natural. Don't know what color would work best for dark hair/skin but for blondes #027 is the perfect shade.

Hope this helps someone! :)

Wow, Mattie - that's the most creative solution I've heard for brows! I used to be be a very flaxen blonde and have had the worst time finding brow pencils that work for me. I'll try this idea!

I used to use eyebrow stencils & eyeshadow to fill in. It worked great except when the stencil wasn't aligned properly, crooked eyebrows! It was a struggle, especially when I was in a hurry to get to work! I finally resorted to permanent eyebrows simply for the convenience. I did have a bad experience with the first person who did my permanent eyebrows (one eyebrow was perfect; the other was way off...I of course went to back get it fixed, but after a couple of repair sessions- the person moved out of state without telling me! The doctor's office did reimburse me, thank God!). In spite of that I thank God I was able to go to another place to get it corrected! Rough beginning, but no regrets on the permanent eyebrows. Yes, you do need to touch up after a while. It's not a problem for me.

i recently stopped drawing eyebrows on and just started ordering the eyebrows from ebay which cost like 20.00 bucks a pair and i use eyelash glue to stick it on and then i use some eyeshadow powder just to fix some parts . and also remember you can always put it on your tax return that you bought them for medical reasons.

Have you tried the eyebrows from Beau-ti-ful brows. They have been life savors for me!

I've been wanting to get my eyebrows tattooed any recommendations? I live in the San Fran area

I finally tattooed my eyebrows on after drawing them on and then going to yoga and missing half a brow after.  I live in Denver and have a recommendation.  It cost $750 but the woman spent 5 hours with me and pain stakingingly detail to the color i wanted and shape.  After the tattoo was completed it looked really dark but faded significantly within a week so that it didnt look too harsh.  That was around 4 years ago and they still look great.  Apply sunscreen daily to reduce fading. 



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