Do you feel that you need to accept this whole hair loss issue? I don't. I will never accept it. If acceptance is defined by wanting to go out without my hair - then I definitely know I will never accept it. Hell if I had to call 911 in the middle of the night - I know if I had to crawl over to my wig to plop it on my head - I would. I don't even like taking my hair off to let my derm see my scalp.

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I couldnt walk around daily without mine but im comfortable with taking it off in the beauty supply store where I purchase my wigs... I know the girl there she doesn't judge me and walking around my house I never wear one... I hate them because they are itchy and hot but I love them bc theyre I dont think that you haven't accepted it because you choose to wear wigs people just have different ways of dealing with things. I will tell someone in a heart beat about my alopecia its like therapy for me...i feel like its better for you to know then try and guess.. (sorry for rambling on your post!)
You are not rambling : ) and I guess if I think about it - I am sort of comfortable when I go to get my new wigs made - but there I am surrounded by all kinds of wigs and it is very private - and not clinical.

I have FBP and I just don't want to have to explain that women too can lose their hair to balding. (lots and lots of hair)

While my custom wigs are less hot and not really itchy it sure is not like my own hair was. I wish I had a normal size noggin instead of my pea size head and I wish I could wear synthetic hair - life would be easier - and so much less expensive!!!!!

I am so with you. No one has seen me bald except in the wig place and even that I hated and cried afterwards.

It's so silly and I often wake up in a panic in the night that my hat has fallen off and my boyfriend has seen my head:(

I don't often access support but nice to know others feel the same as me and I am not nuts!! xxx

I can relate to that LilyBell, I used to be the same way and it has taken me a LOT of time and work to get to the point that I would be okay with being bald in public under certain circumstances. I am now very comfortable in front of a select group of people but have decided that I want to be more comfortable so if the opportunity presents itself, I often take my bandana off in front of newer friends if we are someplace private.
Hey Solange (pretty name BTW) if that works for you - go for it ! : )
I see where you're coming from LilyBell, I was really reluctant at first with people I didn't know, and still am at times, but when it came time to get a customized unit that would make me feel better about myself, I had to put my feelings aside and give in, but to say the least I am still reluctant or insecure about letting the person I live with see me without anything on my head at all....oh well maybe one day,,,

I am the same way...very, very reluctant...except to the sweet, gay male friend who shaves my head and doesn't judge.

I think its personal preference....... Some people can live and accept it and some can't. Personally I rather accept it and move on. But each one to their own way of coping.LOL to the 911.

I want to have that confidence, but I know how "beaten down" I've gotten just because I wear a wig in I don't think I could take it without snapping!

I feel the same way I feel I NEED to wear my hair. Even in the privacy of my own home. I just don't like seeing my bald head ever. The only time I don't have something on my head is in the shower!

No, I don't think you need to want to go out without hair to accept having alopecia. These things are not mutually excusive. I created this group and I accept being bald and also accept that I will never want to go out in public that way. Which is why I wear a bonded-on hair system 24/7 not to deny that I have this condition but just to accept the way I feel about it and deal the best I can. I hope that helps : )

I cried when my derm asked me to take off my wig,I just felt uncomfortable! I just dont think i can go anywhere without my wig.That's just how i feel.Maybe one day??



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