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Hair Obsession!

Has anyone else out there tuned in to any of last week’s Today Show series on women and hair, titled “It’s All About Hair”? I happened to catch the Thursday, June 3rd piece discussing why women are obsessed with their hair. I’d like to share some of the thoughts and responses I found myself sharing with the television.

According to a poll cited by The Today Show, women in the U.S. spend $7.5 billion/year on hair care products alone, and according to a British survey, the average… Continue

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A little eyebrow history!

Have you ever considered why your eyebrows are such an important feature on your face? Consider this - almost 50% of communication is done non-verbally. We tend to use many parts of our body to communicate, however, our face is arguably the most expressive part of our body. Our eyes alone can reveal many emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness but one feature that is often overlooked is the important role our eyebrows play in our ability to communicate non-verbally. Our eyebrows are actually… Continue

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May 9th - A Day of Appreciation and Awareness

Mothers Day is a day to reflect on our love for Mom and to recognize that nothing else contributes to our own strengths, confidence and ability to love than having been loved deeply and unconditionally by our Mothers. Mothers Day has also become a day of activism among women and families touched by cancer.

This year Mothers Day has been designated as “Women’s Health and Cancer Awareness Day”! Individuals, teams, organizations and communities everywhere are using this day to advocate… Continue

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Color, color everywhere - what does it all mean? Color is an integral part of our lives from the age of 2 months when we begin to distinguish individual colors as well as the rest of the world! Our color memory is filled with associative hues from birthday balloons, cupcakes, the 4th of July, spring flowers, or the parade of bathing suits, to name a few. For millennium the human race has employed the light spectrum for our visual pleasure, but have you even considered that colors have more than… Continue

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Inspiration and Courage from ‘Across the Pond’!

All over the world, there are women blazing a trail towards more acceptance for women with medical hair loss. Danielle Baer is one such brave beauty from ‘across the pond’. Danielle, who lost all of her hair at age 18, speaks on British television about the impact Alopecia has had on her. She explains that she grieved the loss of her hair but now actually likes the way she looks bald. Sadly, though she feels comfortable with her baldness, she feels… Continue

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Bald Love


Ever look in an empty cocoon as a most glorious butterfly leaves it? I’ll bet there’s a mirror in it.

When a woman loses her hair, which for her has been a safe haven and the only part of her body she truly believes is spectacular, she desperately wants to trust that her husband loves her for who she is, not for the dead protein on the top of her head. But when rage replaces reason, no soft whisper or kiss at the back of her now hairless neck is… Continue

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Loving Our Bald Selves

If we can face life’s challenges feeling good about ourselves, we can

often meet those challenges with more

clarity, more determination, and more

understanding. At no time is such love

of self more important than when fighting

cancer. Yet many women find their

love of self becomes compromised by

the emotions stirred when they find a

bald, “sick-looking” person staring back

at them in the mirror. Even women who

rise above self-deflating…


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