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Hi everyone,

A lot of changes have been made since I was last up here. I am single, but its not because I have alopecia. It took a while to accept myself and the changes my body has been through because of depression. Depression can create more problems and ruin good relationships. Sometimes accepting things that we cannot change and relying on God and others to help us get through the trial will help keep depression at a minimum. I still have those days that I just want to explode… Continue

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Last weekend

Last Weekend I decided to show my boyfriend what I look like when I am bald because he was getting frustrated about me crying because I have alopecia. He has always told me that he didn't care that I had alopecia, he only cared about how it made me feel. Sometimes I know that its hard for others to have empathy for what I'm going through everyday but they can be sympathetic. I only want to feel good about myself and I can't always because all I can think about is not having my own hair that I… Continue

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My Weekend

I told my mom I wanted to shave my hair off. I thought she was going to have a heart attack. Nobody else at the table expressed their opinion so I took it as a 'NO'. I then called my older sister, also my beautician to tell her about my decision. She said it was up to me but because my hair wasn't falling out and I still have a good amount of hair left, about 3/4 of my head. It would be better if she could braid my hair because of maintaince purposes. I agreed with her because she is the one… Continue

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I've been trying to decide whether or not I should shave my head before getting a wig to put on it. My family is against the whole 'shaving my head completely' idea. I feel like my hair really has no value. I can only put it up in a ponytail so that the bald spot will not show. I can at least braid it before I put the wig on, but I feel like it makes no sense to keep the hair on my head that I cannot style. It's ridiculous and frustrating. lol. I can't believe I feel like I may have a panic… Continue

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Less than normal

I remember when my bald spot seemed to just get bigger over night. I tried to fill it in with black eyeliner. Putting the eyeliner on the spot didn't seem too bad, taking it off did :-) Sometimes I still cry because I feel like I'm not normal because of the bald spot. I feel like nobody around me actually understand what I feel. My family and friends always tell me that they can't see my bald spot whenever I put my hair in a ponytail but I am always saying, "its still there". I know that they… Continue

Added by Shereka Moore on May 9, 2010 at 7:03pm — 11 Comments

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