My title is actually misleading. My one year anniversary of diagnosis with AA was on Sept 17. But I've stopped letting AA control my life and have been TOO BUSY to post anything! :-) That feels really great to say. A few months ago I would not have been able to say that about myself. I thank the Lord above for giving me strength and confidence to get through this. I don't remember the day I decided to shave my head, but it was the best decision I have made so far. I am hopeful that my hair will continue to come in, while still being realistic. I am seeing new growth all over my head and it makes me so happy to see the changes as time goes on. Unfortunately, I have started losing an eyebrow, so I am coping with the thought I will most likely lose both and probably eyelashes. Somehow facing the realization of this does not affect me as bad as when I was losing the hair on my head. I remember sitting each day rubbing my head constantly, praying to feel any growth coming in. I cried each night because I was so scared and didn't understand what I did to deserve this. None of my friends or family understood. I am so thankful not to be in that place anymore. I have taken advantage of AA and taken it on myself to teach those around me the facts about it, and that it could happen to anyone. I wish I would have known the possibility before it happened to me. Every now and then I will have a little meltdown. After all, I am only human (and female.) :-) I think we all deserve to let it out once in awhile, even if we don't realize we need to. It's hard looking at old pictures, all that time I took advantage of having hair. I would carelessly throw it up in a ponytail almost daily. What I wouldn't give to be able to do that again... or even to go outside without a wig or hat. I am so over bandanas. Dear lord. I will burn all of mine if my hair gets long enough to go out without one. Anyway, just wanted to say how HAPPY I am now, and I really think coming to terms with AA and acceptance helps the process of it growing back! Being hopeful vs. giving up helps not only your mind, but your body! Good luck to everyone in your journey!

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