What happen...the first time I went to work BALD!

This is a story I had in a blog back in October of 2007, you will see as you read on I get pretty upset...

Well, I had been working up to this point of reviling my Baldness at work for about a month on my job. Trying to prepare folks on my job for the drastic change. I posted information about the "Bald Girls Do Lunch" in the company break room's bulletin board as well as showing the local newspaper articles that were going around about the luncheon that showed a picture of me in my Baldness.

But as ignorance has it… some folks are just clueless to anything outside of their own box or comfort zone. So I have to forgive them for that right?...

One of the flyers I post on my job that had a picture of me read:
"I have been dealing with Alopecia Areata for 14 years now and in the past 2-3 years I have been completely bald. If you know of anyone whom may have Alopecia Areata please inform them of our luncheon on Saturday. I have a MySpace page showing pictures of me and telling my hair or lack of hair story www.myspace.com/yhoney."

So if you saw something like that on your job and you had never heard of such a thing, would you be compelled to check it out and find out what it is?
Apparently, there are not a lot of people who knew how to broach a subject or ask personal questions without being rude or seeming nosy, which I'll get to that later...

I work at a place where I see and deal with the public, contractors and people of that industry who are regular customers so they have seen me for over a year with the same full beautiful wig, (unknowing to them…) So I expected them to be shocked to the new drastic look of "Baldness".

But some of my oblivious co-workers…all I can say to what happened is wow…

About a week before the revel, I started wearing my head wraps to match the different colors I wore and I got a few looks of the "what's going on with her looks" but no one asked me anything, Of course my friends at work (who knows about and have seen me Bald) were very supportive and understanding of my doing what I was doing.

But, one day a co-worker who hardly speaks to me, outside of the "polite fake hello's", came into my area out of the blue with a serious face to say:
"So is everything OK?"… I looked at her with perplexity and said; "What are you talking about?" and at this point I said it with a defensive attitude! Then she goes at it again… "I'm just curious because of the hair or what you are wearing on your head, do you have a rash or something are you sick?"…."Because you know I wanted to come to the horses mouth to find out"…

What the Hell??? I could not believe this woman was talking that kind of craziness to me...I guess I forgot that I was suppose to feel like I had no right to make changes to my personal appearance?

You know it took strength for me to keep my mouth shut and just hand her one of the newspaper articles I happened to have at my desk, I asked her to read it and understand that I have Alopecia.

After that I knew I had to move forward in my quest for enlightenment of Alopecia Awareness. I ended my last 2 days of my work week with the revel of my Beautiful Baldness and I really felt so liberated! :)

I got just as many compliments on my Bald head as I did with my wig I use to wear.

So I feel...you have to think about who you are really hiding your true beauty from yourself or others?
Bottom line is you have to feel comfortable with you first before others can feel comfort with you!

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Comment by kastababy on April 5, 2008 at 1:21am
It's interesting how when we reveal our bald selves to the outside world, particularly the workplace, for the first time how much ignorance rears its ugly head. The first time I went to work bald I was 18 years old -- I shaved my head for a bet, which I won -- which made the second time I went to work bald, which truly was because of alopecia, a little more difficult to explain. However, the first time that I come to work bald on ANY job that I have had, I have to explain to all the ignorami that my bald look is not always by choice. However, now that I choose to stay bald I get more compliments on my bald head than I ever did on any amount of hair I had!!!
Comment by Orbit on April 5, 2008 at 7:47pm
Kudos to you! I am constantly amazed by the strength and courage that my fellow alopecians have.

You are truly an inspiration! :-D
Comment by emily on April 7, 2008 at 12:01pm
yes! you are so right! sometimes i feel like i dress to make other people more comfortable. i have given that up over the last few years, and im glad that ive got some sisters out there who have been through it too...thanks for inspiring! if its any consolation, i show up to work bald every day and i work in a hair salon! you can imagine the raised eyebrows i get. i just try to laugh about it. not always easy, but whaddya gonna do?
Comment by Velaine Jolle on February 23, 2009 at 8:35pm
High Five Girl! I usually try to leave my baldness for my personal world, special occasions or the stage. I have an enormous collection of hats and bandanas that I wear most of the time.... I feel like I would spend a majority of my time explaining my condition, being misunderstood, or being pitied upon if I didn't. I enjoy my fashion style.. and find it a bit eccentric which as an artist I totally dig. I'm a bit new to the AW website, but it definitely seems like a great "non-hair happy place". The support, strength, and compassion of everyone is inspiring and amazing! So from one bald beauty to another... Thank you!


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