A post from one of my MySpace friends "Tribe of Eden" on Incurable Diseases and the power of love!

Hello my bald brothers and sisters!
I have asked one of my MySpace friends if I could copy his post here. Bryan Eden is part of "Tribe of Eden" a group of hardrockers bringing a positive message to the world through their music. He shared this story in a recent bulletin and I wanted to share it all with you! I am certain, that as Bryan proved...with love...anything is possible! Enjoy and please visit his sites that I listed at the bottom. I thought this was an incredbily powerful testiment to what is possible! And loved that it came from the heart of a rocker!!!

Date: Apr 5, 2008 11:21 AM
Body: DEAR FRIENDS -- I receive so much love from the friends and fans of TRIBE OF EDEN , and sometimes I can give back by sharing the hard-won lessons in courage , faith and love that I have learned in a miraculous life. I wrote this letter -- about my own healing from a supposedly incurable illness -- to a friend I met through MySpace , upon reading about her brave struggle with multiple sclerosis.

"DEAR FRIEND -- I see that you are living with multiple sclerosis. That’s a tough path to grow from. I know about being chronically ill because I came down with ankolosing spondylitis ( a devastating degenerative illness ) in my early 20’s. The pain was uncontrollable, excruciating and 24/7 for many years. My healing process began when I realized that I had to do the exact opposite of everything I had ever been taught. In a word, I had to stop fighting and fearing the pain and completely experience it . That moment of decision was the beginning of my spiritual path. I learned that this was equally true for my emotional pain also. The years of anguish challenged me to learn big lessons about surrender and trust -- trusting myself , my body, and life. I learned to respond to my pain with courage, kindness and compassion . And, ultimately, I learned that i could not heal my life without facing all my fears and letting them go . After 10 years of yoga, careful diet, holistic medicine, and most of all deep inner transformation -- I was able to cure myself completely. I had found the place deep inside that was deeper than the disease - the place miracles and healing come from . Everyone has their own unique path and lessons to learn, but I will say that loving myself, opening my heart and fighting to become MORE ALIVE -- as opposed to an approach of fighting AGAINST the illness -- was what kept my spirit moving forward and growing through it all and in the end made releasing my illness possible. I wish you many miracles -- both physical and spiritual -- and may your love and your spirit always stay strong .

Wherever you are in your life , my friends -- I wish you the courage to reach out for miracles -- and the open heart to receive them .


Please check out their pages at...
(It is hard rock so be ready! I've found that its good to have a pretty high speed computer to view their MySPace page...they took home an award for their song Empower!)

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Comment by rj, Co-founder on April 9, 2008 at 12:42am
What a compelling testimony! Gives new meaning, indeed, to the whole idea of taking your lemons and making lemonade. Thanks for sharing, Laura. Your depth of insight and quality of spirit makes Alopecia World all the more a better place. :-)


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