Hello Alopecia World Community, 

It has been over 5 years since I've been active and here I am again. I was reading through some of my old blog posts and it was at a time when I was lonely, not feeling accepted, and losing most of my hair for the first time. Since then, I found love and got married! He doesn't have AA, but he did lose half of his hair from regular male pattern baldness at some point in our marriage so now he shaves his head bald too =p

I even had my first child last year. Safe to say that I feel the most loved and accepted I have ever felt. And when you find this type of love in your life, you realize nothing else matters and your confidence shoots through the roof. And when you realize nothing else matters, those really jerky family members and friends try to come back in your life. It's as if they realize they can continue to be loving and supporting by the example of someone else.

As for my AA, I am currently completely bald after having my first child. I still have my eyebrows, but one actually started spotting at some point. It has since grew back, but that was a first for me and my 20 years of AA. Prior to getting pregnant, I was able to grow about 85% of my hair back. After giving birth, it all fell out within a matter of months. And I thought my most severe hair loss was back in 2010. I literally have a dime sized patch of hair which I shave. 

I've definitely accepted this is who I am and am not shy about it, although the subject is never really brought up. I wear wigs in public, to avoid the unnecessary. But in my home and in my yard, I don't. 

Most people don't know me in this community due to a very long absence, but I hope to keep up with posts and become more engaged. Anyone in the Atlanta area? I'd love to connect.

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Comment by Cheryl, Co-founder on September 12, 2017 at 11:59pm

Jessi, it is wonderful that you found love, a supportive husband and started a family!  Nothing like getting to a place where you truly believe and understand that you will be ok whether you grow your hair back or not.  Inspiring!


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