Dont divorce yourself from your health with stress

unmanaged chronic stressfull events wether internal or external or both are enough to send your immune system into a tail spin that effects you later in life, cause and effect every action has a reaction. Your body is not unlike a marriage you dont just wake up one morning and tell your spouse i dont love you anymore and divorce him or her it takes time to get to that point of divorce, in the same way it takes time to weaken your immune system, just like in a divorce your body sends signals that somethings wrong before desease or (divorce) takes root, if you heed those warning signs, warning signs like, IE.. fatigue, anxiety , back pain, panic attacks, sleeplessness, heart palipitation,chronic constipation,chronic diarhea,cold sweats, depression,insomnia ect.. you give the body time to recover, its when you dont heed your bodies warning signs for what ever reason you may have, thats when you take a another step down that twisted rabbit hole called desease, further divorcing yourself from your health years later, Your body is designed to be flexible and can endure much punishment but evrything has a breaking point IE.. heres an example, building muscles on a body takes time, EFFORT and DEDICATION, so does weakening your body take time and EFFORT, DEDICATION also. When a body gives off physical signs of discomfort and no changes to your lifestyle are made, stress then has a cumalative effect, a definite breaking point, we obviously hit ours to some degree.I am adjusting my life style to help improve my health, this will take time EFFORT and DEDICATION, you may not have outwardly signs, but make no mistake our bodies condition tell a different story entirely.
personally i am Boosting my immune sytem with herbal supplements from natures sunshine products and they are working,I have significant hair growth on my head visible thick patches all within 2 months time as of today july 28th 2010, my head now looks like a soccer ball or chia pet these. Herbal Products were prescribed by my Natural Medicinal Doctor for me specifically,by the way, I am not trying to solicite herbs or sell any body anything, relax, and any ways what are you so scared of we are already completely bold with no real hope from doctors)i am currently taking these products listed Gastro Health,nerve control,perfect multi super greens,spleen activator,liver activator,HSN-W for hair and skin,flax seed powder,carvical(oil of oregano) papaya mint, Bifidophilus floral force and an agitator lotion like tea tree oil for the scalp the tea tree oil is mixed with two other roots that are boiled and mixed together later.Believe it or not this army of products is stimulating hair regrowth in me. When I get complete hair growth back i will post pics,Doctors name and number.

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