intracellular bacterium,cause autoimmune illness and change over 900 genes within body

There is research relating autoimune disease, inflamation, and vitamin D deficiencies may all be related and infact a direct result of small intracellular bacteria that are thought to be the root cause of autoimmune illness.the cliff notes version is small intracellular bacterium invade the nuclei of many of the bodies cells over time
causing inflammation and chronic other words the invading bacteria stop the body from being able to properly regulate the vitamin d which in its active form is used to fight off bacterium,pathagins amongst other things as well, They release substances that stop the VDR (a intracellular hormone receptor which is resposible for activating vitamin d within the body turns out there is the active form and non active form of vitamin d the microbes confuse the vdr receptors and vitamin d stays on all the time doesnt shut down builds up in the body.

The pathogens also hijack the RNA/DNA messaging – and can change over 900 genes within the body (all of those transcribed by the VDR). And because the pathogens block the VDR’s action, other nuclear receptors (the VDR, PXR, GCR, Thyroid-alpha-1 and beta-1) are all seriously affected. The loss of the GCR – the glucocorticoid receptor – and thyroid homeostasis, or balance – leads to diagnoses of hypo-thyroidism and adrenal insufficiency. Basically I have inflamation due to microbial pathagins. Doctors see through a blood test i am vitamin d deficient they only test the inactive form of vitamin d which has been shut down blocked by the body in an attempt to slow the steady increases of the active form of vitamin d that cant shut down by means of the hijacked VDR receptor due to microbial pathogins so doctors see the appearance from blood work as though I am dangerously low in vitamin D and emmediatly try to put me on very high doses for me it was 50,000 units ounce per week to start this according to the marshal Protocal will only further upset the balance of things and further irritate inflame surrounding receptors causing more and more inflamation, more medicine more inflamation more desease. Realy think about this were all we got There solution is small busrt of certain types of antibiotics administered over a 1 to 3 year time period and absolutly no vitamin d injested at this time I know maybe this is a litlle out there but the theory is new and inovative and has some good points ,points worth contiplating dont you agree?? I believe it is Microbial. I am acidic testet myself for a week 4 times a day using a acid test kit i purchsed from whole foods and came back very acidic, if i can get my body back to a oxyginated state maybe all bacterium,microbes pathogins you name it will be destroyed, as bacteria ect... can not, can not, survive in a well oxyginated environment. If anyone is interested please read the links below as they may be helpful in begining to understand the problems we face with alopecia areata and other immune deseases, write back give me feed back let me know what you think about the Mashal protocal Theory, If it not too personal do you all have other underlining symptoms ,condition immune type deseases ITB crohns, lupus fibromialga hart palipitations food sensitivities ?? Can changing diet completly getting more sleep resting more ,praying more in quiet silence and peace ,breathing in quality oxygen big breathes really begin to reverse these syptomatic chronic problems we face ,think about it what do you guys think??? By the way my docs know nothing of it , never heard of the study avoid it like the plague there answere more levo more paxil more vitamin D more ,more more,! they have no advise or answeres for my current problems, go figure.
Read more at Suite101: Are Your Vitamin D Supplements Making You Sick?: Autoimmune Disease and the Vitamin D Connection
from working correctly, so DNA repair is damaged, there is no regulation of 1,25-D (the active form of vitamin D), and it is unable to produce pathogen-fighting cells such as phagocytes

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Comment by Mary on July 27, 2010 at 12:23am
George, thanks for sharing the info. I went to the link and read (as much as I could understand it) the article. I have no way of knowing if this is good science or snake oil. But, I'm highly skeptical of all "cures", and this is no exception. We all need to be wary.

If this is valid, why isn't NAAF hot on the trail of it? Their whole goal is finding a cure, right? I'd think they'd be all over this.

Doesn't it make sense that a major pharmaceutical company would've latched onto this if it could potentially treat a whole host of auto-immune diseases? Big money if this is real.

Where are the double-blind tests? Without double-blind scientific testing, nothing is proven.

But, aside from all those concerns, I personally can't even consider this treatment because - IF I understand it correctly - it's saying I should cut out ALL Vitamin D from all sources. As a post-menopausal woman concerned about maintaining my bone strength, this is something I can't risk. I'd rather have NO hair and be strong and healthy (which I am) than potentially suffer bone loss and incapacity.

By the way, I didn't see anywhere what this treatment is supposed to cost. Do you have any idea?
Comment by George Ortiz on July 27, 2010 at 5:20pm
I believe its all about money if the fda has to admit that a sim-ple drug like banaker can reverse autoimmune deseases they then have to admit that there acne med drug ei.. banneker is also effects the body in other ways forcing them to do recalls and expensiver testing not to mention possible lawsuit, and revenue from already used meds for autoimunty deseases currently in circulation.
Comment by Mary on July 27, 2010 at 6:21pm
I repeat my question: I didn't see anywhere what this treatment is supposed to cost. Do you have any idea?
Comment by Karen Grevious on July 28, 2010 at 2:55am
I did a little more research on this and it appears that the "artificial" Vit D, i.e. supplements, can cause more harm in people with autoimmune dysfunction. However, it is also pointed out that people should go back to getting their Vit D from the natural source...the sun. This doesn't mean cook yourself, 10-15min per day of day light should be enough to allow your body to produce the Vit D it needs.


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