Infection,or genetic deffect what ever you want to call it we got it right, ok docs say our own immune system is attacking our own hair follicles right, well why is are own immune system attacking our own hair follicles? docs say they dont know why. Excuse me while I state the's because we are not functioning the same as before were not in balance anymore, we have a desease, when people get a desease they stop functioning the same as before they function abnormaly out of balance, whats the cause infection/inflamation bad genes it could be any of the above or maybe both either way the point I am trying to drive home is we were not born this way we were once in balance had full heads of hair look we ounce had hair lots of it thats when our bodies worked in balance in harmony now for whatever debatable reason thier not , when something goes out of balance side effects will occurr, the immune system becomes weak, the digestive system functions differently all your organs function differently, I am saying improve your immune system and nervoussytem (the brain) the digestive system and watch healing begin , LOOK YOU WERE NOT BORN THIS WAY YOU HAD HAIR AT SOME POINT RIGHT look docs say a large contributing factor to AA is stress well look into stress what does stress do, constant stress serves to weaken your immune system ,nervous system (the Brain) digestive system over time, what else can stress do? well if its weak, for one not defend againts what would otherwise be beniegn bacteria/fungul infectious buggers and allow then to proliferate. or maybe awaken genes ounce dormant within us and or even cause mutations of L form intracellular bacteria that can High jack the vdr reseptors that are responsible for first line defence againt bacterium within our very genes themselves, causing mutations, As in the the theory currently being conducted by Dr. Trevor Marshall, "the Marshall protocol" the key point that I am driving home is that whatever the cause, your very own body has the answeres if we would just put it back into balance and stregthen it. cut your finger and it heals all on its own, our bodies want to heal we are out of balance weakened, support the imune system, nervous system and digestive track begin to heal the body. Also have faith in God, Christ is your advocate 1st John 4:4 Greater is he who is in you the he that is in the world.

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Comment by Dave on July 26, 2010 at 1:57pm
I would dispute that. Especially when its gene based and has been linked directly to a defect in the DNA profile-hence, no choice by anyone who would like to, or not like to have AA. Mine started showing up when I had no stressors in my life, in the form of a sunburn-like feeling on the back of my neck. To a lesser degree, its still here, and now, I have had hair fall out and grow back white and have this nifty white band at the base of my neck. Coincidence? I think not. Since thats shown up, I have developed allergies that I didnt have before, and arthritis is setting in. Next came eczema which still annoys me to this day. I eat healthy every day, get lots of water, dont smoke, dont drink and get plenty of exersize. Ive taken vitamins for several years now. And what exactly is a "weaker" immune system? I havent had a flu in years. Nor a cold. Its only autoimmune based disorders that I seem to have, my antibodies seem to be doing the job just fine. If I truly had a weak immune system, Id be sick a lot, but Im not. Not too sure where you were going with this...
Comment by Dave on July 26, 2010 at 2:05pm
Perhaps this will help maybe?:
Per the medical dictionary:
Autoimmune disease: An illness that occurs when the body tissues are attacked by its own immune system. The immune system is a complex organization within the body that is designed normally to "seek and destroy" invaders of the body, including infectious agents. Patients with autoimmune diseases frequently have unusual antibodies circulating in their blood that target their own body tissues.

So it seems that at the same time its fighting off illness in me, my anti-bodies are also attacking my body because my DNA tells them to. THeres nothing else I, or anyone else can do to prevent it, no amount of self-will or preventive measures can stop it from happening. How can one alter his or her own DNA in order to do this and not create more damage? I can fully appreciate the dilemma our doctors face when dealing with this. Its pretty horrendous, and can be devastating. What surprises me, is how do the anti-bodies know how to hold back from killing us outright? Very interesting stuff, in my opinion.
Comment by Mary on July 26, 2010 at 2:25pm
The frequently mentioned connection between AA and stress just doesn't make sense to me. If stress is the cause or trigger, why in the heck do so many young (sometimes very young) children have AA?
Comment by Dave on July 26, 2010 at 2:59pm
Thats something Ive noticed too, Mary.
Comment by George Ortiz on July 26, 2010 at 11:13pm
Hey guys read my new blog on Doctors trevor Marshalls current on going research that is currently showing great promise on the cause of autoimunal deseases in general it will intrigue you all. read it for all its worth,ok
Comment by Mary on July 27, 2010 at 12:00am
Rose Marie - I REALLY hate it too when people tell me I should reduce stress. I went through law school, high-stress legal career, bad marriage, divorce, illness and death of a parent who I took care of, moving and changing jobs....throughout all of this I never had any sign of AA - none. Then, when I was long past all of these stressful things, the first patch appeared at age 47. In my case, at least, I'm sure it wasn't stress-related.
Comment by Tamara on August 3, 2010 at 1:12pm
Everyone is ALWAYS telling me to stop stressing and my hair will grow back. When I was a teenager they told me to stop stressing and my stomach wouldnt hurt so bad, and it ended up being Crohn's Disease, and I definitely didnt stress so much that it turned into Crohn's. Ive delt with parents divorcing, sibling in and out of jail, losing my father, Crohn's, and now, 3 years AFTER all my stress, the bald spots come. I think this is actually the least amount of stress Ive been in, in quite some time.
Comment by George Ortiz on August 3, 2010 at 5:21pm
Hi Tamara, Sorry about your ordeals,I too have had large amounts of stress through out my life crisis after crisis,problem after problem, currently I have hashimotos desease, Sibo (Small itestinal bacterial over growth) and of course AA,I have been personally to enough Dr.s to realize that i am kind of on my own concerning AA and other deseases. Tamara the body is a very strong and can take much punishment , but every thing has it breaking point , example a divorce doesnt happen over night it take time before a complete break can be made the same goes with the human body, stress can be acumalative and without a consistant outlet a consistant day in day out practicing release, your body cant heal,the body has a breaking point thats what I think is happening to us the body for what ever reason whether it be stress or bacteria,parisitical ,fungal or ressesive dormant genes that are causing these deseases there is one remaining truth the body is in crisis , out of balance and under attack, i think you should seriously look into and find a good qualified natural medicinal Doctor and read all you can on how to heal the body naturally, remember its a mind, body and spirit connection, Ask God for guidance for healing have faith and believe it will happen, change your diet find a good natural doctor, regain balance try googling total health institute located in wheeling illinois to start with , Dr. nemec has a weekly radio show ,website and clinic , eccepts ppo medical plans although is expensive i hope in some way this info helps you out GOD BLESS
Comment by George Ortiz on August 3, 2010 at 5:53pm
Dr. Keith & Laurie Nemec's Comments on Nutrients & Gene Expression

What you eat makes an environment that either promotes health or disease. It is one or the other.

You are what you eat and what you eat can turn on and turn off certain genes that will promote disease.

You eat three major categories of food to sustain you:

1. Protein

2. Carbohydrates/starches/sugars

3. Fat

Once these are in the proper ratio you become a fat burner and inflammation and disease can no longer live in your body.

Leptin when high>diabetes, cancer, autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease

Leptin when low>body is in fat burning stage and this is most anti-diabetic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory.

Some of the Signs of leptin imbalance are:

1. Overweight, an excess of fat in the abdomen men more than 40 inches waist, women more that 35 inches. But you do not have to be because thin people carry the excess fat in and around the organs- this is called visceral fat, which is highy inflammatory. This is seen in thin diabetics and thin cancer patients. They might be thin but the for sure have increased visceral fat.

2. Fatigue- because the body is shifting into fat storage mode. The food is being stored instead of being burned as energy.

3. Pain- because visceral fat is highly inflammatory people who have leptin resistance have more inflammation in their body and feel more pain because of the general state of inflammation affecting all organs, glands, tissues, including muscles, joints, bones, and body parts. This is commonly seen with back, neck and head pain.

If you take care of your body with 7 Basic Steps then your body is going to take care of you so you can live the life God intended you to live-to the full.
Remember total health flows from spirit to mind to body and we can also begin with 7 Basic Steps to improve our total health.
Seven Basic Steps to Total Health(TM) which are:

1. Air-- deep diaphragm breathing to oxygenate your body.

2. Water--drink 32 ounces of distilled water per 50/lbs per body weight per day.

3. Food--consume a diet of living/raw plant food which has the highest energy, bioelectricity, enzymes and bioavailable nutrient content to either maintain or restore your health.

4. Sleep--sleep 9.5 hours with 3.5 of them before midnight.

5. Exercise--exercise 30 minutes every day.

6. Fasting--fast from the normal Standard American Diet (SAD).

7. Prayer--take the time throughout your day to regularly still your mind so you can hear the voice of God spoken into your heart.
If you would like to go further in your total health journey besides receiving our daily newsletter then join our Upper Room. This is a separate paid membership.

To have all your questions answered and to grow in your total health journey join the Upper Room.

The purpose of the Upper Room is to help you in your journey into Total Health of body, mind, and spirit. Membership to the Upper Room includes pertinent articles, and answers to questions on all aspects of health, healing and wholeness. The Upper Room is broken down into eleven easy to access departments:

1. Air/Oxygen/Breathing

2. Water

3. Food/Diet

4. Sleep/Sunlight

5. Exercise

6. Fasting/Detoxifying

7. Prayer/Meditation/Stillness

8. Mind/Will/Emotions/Body

9. Symptoms

10. Conditions/Disease

11. General Health/Disease Prevention

Also included in each department is not only articles but answers to all the questions that would be asked about the topic. As an Upper Room member you have access to all the articles, answers to all the questions and you also get to ask up to 3 questions yourself each month of your membership.


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