He left. I wish he would come back

Well if anyone read this i will really appreciate any comment am also new to this well here goes..This is my story i am 20 years old my bf is 27 he has Alopecia Universalis since he was 10 years old first his eyebrow fell and than all the rest.He was always going on doctors to find out more for his condition(bk to my story)We started dating soon after we have meet, we got engaged and started living together for 3 and half years, month a go nightmare happened..He started relation with me only when he got sure that his alopecia cant be passed from person to person or to the child if we had any.His alopecia never bothered me he was the only man for me and always will be love him too much but guess it mattered to him, and he wanted to make sure.We had wonderful relation but than one day he got back from work didn't gave me the kiss he always used to, and he looked very devastated asked him what happened he told me that he found on the internet at work that his condition might be from a virus.And that he must end the relation with me..I just stand there and can't believe i heard him saying that i tried to talk to him tell him idc for his alopecia and that i love him i also had 1 more news i wanted to tell him that day that i was pregnant but i didn't, he just said maybe you don't care but i do i wont make you go try the sufferings i did he grabbed some stuff and just went try the door, as fast he could i was in sock of what was happening and fell on the floor and cried try all the night, am crying all the time we talked on the phone few times i tried to make him come back but he said is done that the thing he saw on internet changed everything and that he is doing this because he loves me i even contacted a lot doctors so to give him proof he is wrong. But i got no reply from the emails i sent to docs i feel very tired and idk what to do so come here as hoping someone will read this blog and share info..I also still didn't told him am pregnant because idk how he will react because he don't want me once he saw some site..

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Comment by Tallgirl on October 9, 2011 at 7:55pm
He may already know that you are pregnant, and may be using the virus excuse to leave the responsibility. Share your news with your parents and his: His parents may want a grandchild, and may talk sense into him, at least to help you out and establish paternity on record. Show the alopecia research to his parents. You now have to think for the good of the child.
Comment by Julija on October 10, 2011 at 2:36am
Thank you for your comment i don't know lot for alopecia universalis and am just trying to get more info about it i went to lot sites as in to proof him wrong but he told me he don't trust that any more so was hoping here people can help me with there experiences,causes or anything is different when you get advice from people that are going try the same thing as he.Think he would listen i try everything to get him back, nothing worked this is sort of my last hope i also will need to go back to my country if we don't get back together because am pregnant and cant do all alone i moved where he lives and am totally alone here now...I know how hard it is and always had lot understanding for him and love,he is coming back here in a week to get more stuff, am hoping people will share until than so he can see by him self is wrong and stay.Than to tell him the news really don't want to lose him also don't think he know am pregnant because i found out the same day he told me for the problem and left.He is really caring and awesome person think something really upset him that he saw on internet.
Comment by Pat on October 10, 2011 at 7:13am
I am not second guesssing the situation you have described, but it seems to me more is going on with this man than his alopecia because it is well documented that no-one knows what causes alopecia.
This is taken from the NAAF website, www.naaf.org "What is the signal that triggers the disease to start or stop? Current research suggests that something triggers the immune system to suppress the hair follicle. It isn't known what this trigger is, and whether it comes from outside the body like a virus, or from inside. Recent research indicates that some persons have genetic markers that increase both their susceptibility to develop alopecia areata, as well as the degree of disease severity."

So, the answer is no-one knows how it happens! If this doesn't convince him and he is determined to end your relationship he needs to know about the pregnancy as soon as possible.
I hope for your sake he comes to his senses and realises how much he will be throwing away.
Comment by Eliza alisa abgail on October 11, 2011 at 1:16am
Well I have been hanging around my family for 11 years and hugging them and kissing them... And quite frankly they are hairy as ever. Not sure how I can pass it to them.I tried everything under the sun.... Well apart from shaving.... Which does have results... But shocking emough.. after 3 days it grows back? ( though I was not behind the shaving,, They don't like leg hair.) Your bf shouldn't trust everything he hears and sees. And no one can get your immune system.... Or mine.... Believe me my immune system is stuck with me and its antihair That's for sure. But I think its something else he ain't telling ya...
Comment by Julija on October 14, 2011 at 6:10am
Thank you very much for the comments ..My bf was here yesterday he come early than what i expected i told him i was pregnant because was silly to still keep it from him, but sadly he didn't react well.Told me was best option to abort he really hurt me with this and out of rage i told him to get out..So guess now i made things worse because got really upset..


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