My ex had Au now am having weird skin reaction and alopecia

If anyone know my story i had a bf that had au but now as time go by i got very agresive seborheic dermatitis with scaly eyebrows scalp and painful ear swollen red bit itchy as that went away now i have dry scalp still ,face .But weird part is my eyebrows and pubic area have this pink skin look itchy painful a bit if i pressure it next day whatever this is from my eyebrow it went down my eye making it red and swollen itchy to now is spreading on my nose is pink and itches also i noticed bit like white heads pimples on my eyebrows i have never before have skin problems nor this sort of reactions anyone else has this?Am starting to think is some viral infection herpes or bacteria or fungus anyone got tested for this? Will really appreciate any info and reply thank you

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Comment by laura on January 25, 2012 at 7:26am

hi,hope you are doing better now 10 days have passed since you wrote this.i have alopicia areata and when my hair was falling out i also had skin rashes,patches of dermatitis,fungal nails and digestion problems.....i used a herb called pau d`arco (from health stores) its an anti fungal herb,i also eliminated all processed foods from my diet and i eat a plant based diet and also take probiotics evry morning containing bifido bacterium infantis.
i no it sounds like a lot to change but i have improved skin and nails no digestion probs and more importantly half of my bald spots are covered in dark hair. hope this helps you. x

Comment by Julija on January 28, 2012 at 2:53pm

Thank you very much for your reply i was away a bit didn't feel well at all but am bit better thank you for asking hope you are doing well to :)..Shall try all the procedures you have suggested


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